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WATCH: Unvaxxed Man Told By Hospital Security He Can’t Be With His Pregnant Wife During Emergency Ultrasound

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Everyone regardless of vaccination status can get and spread COVID-19, but the unvaxxed are still being treated as though they’re second-class citizens.

The “safe and effective” COVID vaccines don’t do what they were advertised to do. Does anyone in the media remember what Pfizer’s “95% effective” was supposed to mean? It meant that if someone got the jabs, there was only a 5% chance that they’d get COVID. We now know that the 95% protection wanes very quickly and CDC data shows that more people who are boosted are getting COVID.

Recent studies are punching holes in the accepted narrative surrounding COVID including that the continued spread is because of those filthy unvaccinated scumbags spreading their dirty germs to the righteous vaccinated people who were the ones who did the right thing.

Nevertheless, some places, like the biomedical security state of Canuckistan led by the often costumed woke guru, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, continues to treat the unvaccinated as though they are the only vectors of disease — even if they don’t have the virus.

Calgary-based independent journalist Andy Lee, who had her bank accounts and credit cards frozen because of Blackface Hitler’s invocation of war measures against anyone who supported the trucker’s protest, posted a pair of videos late Thursday to show just how awful Canada has become.

In the videos, a man from Barrie, Ontario, is speaking with hospital security asking why he can’t be with his wife as an emergency ultrasound to check on the health of their baby is performed.

Someone on the hospital staff was upset that he balked at their ridiculous COVID measures and sicced security on him.

The man is told that the hospital “has allowed” him to remain in the waiting area, but if he is confrontational or makes a scene for not being allowed to be with his wife, he will be kicked out because the hospital is “private property.”

Just a reminder that Canada has single-payer healthcare, so almost all hospitals are publicly-funded. There are very few “private” hospitals that only operate in a handful of places. This was not one of them.

“Just be grateful that we even let your kind inside” is quite the thing to tell a man concerned about his wife and unborn child.

The policy at the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) in Barrie, Ontario, in August of the Year of Our Lord Twenty-Twenty-Two, is to mask up and provide proof of vaccination for COVID-19 in order to enter the facility.

Andy Lee notes that this is the same hospital that fired 39 employees last November for refusing to comply with vaccination and testing requirements.

Canadians shouldn’t be surprised by this.

The treatment of unvaccinated Canadians as sub-human has come from the Prime Minister himself. He has vilified the unvaccinated at every opportunity and blamed them for the virus continuing to spread.

A year ago, he was actually campaigning on protecting the vaccinated from the unvaccinated who are putting everyone — including children at risk.

Those monsters! Quick — grab your torches and pitchforks! And remember to always vote Liberal.

And if you’re not vaccinated, then Justin Trudeau says that you’re not welcome in Canada, and if he stays Prime Minister, that may never change.

Did you expect anything less from Blackface Hitler?

But it isn’t just the Dictatorial dunderheaded Prime Minister who wants to trap the unvaxxed in his biomedical security state until they comply — the courts think that medical discrimination based on vaccination status even for lifesaving treatment doesn’t violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

A recent court decision in Alberta — the “Texas” of Canada — ruled that an unvaccinated patient can be denied a lifesaving organ transplant.

It’s not unconstitutional to refuse an organ transplant to a woman who refuses to get the COVID-19 vaccine, an Edmonton judge has ruled.

Annette Lewis went to court seeking to preserve her spot on an Edmonton-based transplant program’s wait-list after doctors told her she would not be eligible because she is not immunized against COVID-19.

In a decision filed Tuesday, Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Paul Belzil dismissed Lewis’s argument that her charter rights had been violated.

He ruled the charter has no application to clinical treatment decisions and, in particular, has no application to doctors establishing criteria for organ transplantation. There is a publication ban on identifying the specific organ.
Source: CBC News

So, there you have it, folks — medical discrimination is protected by law in Trudeau’s Canada.

In the woketopia biomedical security state of Canada, only the Sophisticated and Educated Crowd of compliant, masked-up and vaxxed Canadians are permitted to spread the virus in hospitals. Don’t question it, it’s The Science™.

It looks like the Royal Victoria Hospital is changing its policy banning the unvaccinated as of Monday, August 8.

Kudos to Andy Lee and her followers who made this happen. All of these ridiculous restrictions need to end.

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