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Fascist Fear Führer Fauci Says He Symbolizes Consistency, Integrity, And Truth (VIDEO)

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Dr. Anthony Fauci humbly says that his this is called “The Fauci Effect.”

According to Dr. Fauci, he is no longer just the embodiment of “The Science™” he’s also the symbol of consistency, integrity, truth, and caring for each other.

Tony Fauci feigns humility but he really clearly thinks pretty highly of himself.

Why wouldn’t he? He is the highest-paid public servant and his $417k salary means that he makes more than the President of the United States.

He’s donning that cloak of humility but he’s also pretty clearly swimming in a vat of self-delusion.

This guy has been full of B.S. for years.

Before COVID, he bungled the response to AIDS with both a focus on the development of a vaccine instead of finding therapeutics and the messaging. Fauci himself caused panic by suggesting that it was spread through “routine close contact” and that mothers could give it to their children.

Despite those decisions that were simply dismissed as “errors” that cost who knows how many lives of people that were actually at risk from HIV/AIDS, he wasn’t fired, humiliated, and chased out of D.C. with torches and pitchforks and barred from ever working in public health ever again — he was kept on and promoted. It would seem that incompetence is an asset, not a liability when it comes to advancing in a bureaucracy.

Now, Fauci has near god-like status on the left as a symbol of the politicization of science, which here at ClashDaily we refer to as “The Science™.”

In a new video clip being shared widely online, Fauci talks about “The Fauci Effect” and how he’s moved on from being the embodiment of Science™ to being a symbol of consistency, integrity, and truth.

“It’s called ‘The Fauci Effect’ which is sort of like, you know… trust me, I don’t get excited about it,” begins The Fauch.

If he wasn’t excited about the attention, why was he always on CNN and MSNBC pushing more and more fear porn, posing for magazine covers, and agree to have National Geographic follow him around for a hagiographic documentary about his life and work?

Fauci continues, “I mean, it’s nice, but it’s… People go to medical school now, people are interested in science — not because of me, because people don’t know me, who I am.”

(The humility drops right about here…)

“It’s what I symbolize,” he goes on to explain, “and what I symbolize in an era of the normalization of untruths and lies and all the things that you’re seeing in society from January 6th to everything else that goes on, people are craving for consistency, for integrity, for truth, and people caring about people.”

That’s quite the promotion that he gave himself.

Last June, Saint Fauci called himself “The Science™.”

In November, Saint Fauci made it clear that he’s a political creature when he spoke with Margaret Brennan on “Face The Nation” and brought up the January 6 Capitol Riot to slam his critics like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

For someone who is now a “symbol of consistency, integrity, and truth” the Prevaricating Authoritarian Smurf has had a lot of inconsistent opinions throughout the pandemic.

Despite that, after Fauci’s 4 jabs, catching Omicron COVID and treating it with two rounds of Paxlovid because his Rebound ‘Rona was worse than the original illness, The Fauch still advocates for masking up and getting the shots.

Even though he’s now saying that he is also a symbol of “caring for each other” he was just fine with making life hell for the unvaccinated and children by keeping them isolated and/or masked up for the common good.

Eventually, the truth comes out. Like lockdowns were used to get people vaccinated once the Fauci Ouchies were available.

So, about that claim that he’s a symbol of truth… wanna try that again, Fauch?

What an absolute joke this guy is.


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