WANTED: We Need Pastors With Cojones, STAT

Written by Doug Giles on August 15, 2022

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Jesus is often described as ‘meek’ and ‘mild’.

They point to his silent suffering at the cross as evidence and think we should do the same.

They don’t stop to realize that Jesus’s silence at his Crucifixion was because he was stepping up to the greatest act of courage history has ever seen.

The sinless Son Of God was staring down a death that intentionally maximized the pain and humiliation of the convicted so that He could reconcile sinful humanity to a thrice-holy God.

Are we — and more importantly, those who have taken up the mantle of Christin leadership — living up to his example of courage in a world that calls us to cower and compromise?

Dear Christian: Your Fear Is Full of Crap

by Doug Giles

Beginning in March 2020, many Christians went into lockdown-freak-out mode. Uncut, irrational, unbiblical, and not to mention, unconstitutional, fear gripped many churches and church leaders. Forced to choose between obeying the Word of God or the edict of man, most Western Churches buckled. We even saw it here in First Amendment-protected America.

The Apostle Peter buckled to fear on the night of Christ’s crucifixion. But he learned his lesson and lived the rest of his life bold as a lion. How can the church ‘go and do likewise’?

Read the book and find out!

Get your copy of Dear Christian: Your Fear Is Full of Crap now. Better yet, grab an extra copy for any petrified pastor who dutifully put obedience to the unconstitutional edicts of Mayor McCheese ahead of obedience to the explicit commandments of the LORD God Almighty.