84-Yr Old Pro-Life Volunteer Shot After ‘Verbal Altercation’ While Passing Out Pamphlets

Written by K. Walker on September 27, 2022

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The elderly woman was canvassing against a ballot initiative that would strike down Michigan’s 90-year-old pro-life law.

Michigan State Police say that the woman was shot last Tuesday after a “verbal altercation while she was passing out pamphlets.”

An elderly pro-life volunteer in Michigan was shot in the shoulder while canvassing a neighborhood to discuss an abortion ballot proposal, according to the Right to Life of Michigan.

The “victim said that she was shot in the back/shoulder while leaving a residence during a heated conversation, and that the man who shot her was not a part of her conversation,” the pro-life group wrote in a press release Saturday. The unidentified woman is 83-years-old, according to police, though the Right to Life of Michigan identified her as 84 years old in the press release.

The woman was canvassing a neighborhood in Lake Odessa to discuss the state’s vote on Proposal 3, which would protect abortion access in the state. The state will vote on the proposal on Nov. 8 on the general election ballot.
Source: Fox News

A violent reaction from someone who thinks it’s okay to murder babies in the womb? I’m shocked! (Actually, not really.)

The woman was able to drive herself to the hospital and was released after treatment.

Violence against pro-lifers is nothing new. It’s cheered on by Democrats and their sycophants in the Regime Media. Democrat politicians are deliberately weaponizing the abortion issue and making not-so-subtle calls for violence and they turn a blind eye when it happens.

The nutty Lib pro-aborts have been openly calling for the assassination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh since his confirmation hearing in 2018… four years later, someone admitted that he was actually going to do it.

How could this happen? Easy. As usual, the media coverage is a big part of the problem.

A Detroit-based Fox News affiliate is illustrative of this.

“Proposal 3 is the Michigan Abortion Amendment. A ‘yes’ vote would keep abortion legal and strike down the state’s 1931 law,” according to Fox News 2 Detroit. “A ‘no’ vote would let the 90-year-old law stand and ban abortions, even in the cases of rape and incest. Elected leaders or the courts could decide on abortion access as well.”

You can already see the slant here that the pro-life side is the extreme one. However, as Maria Migliorno Miller, head of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society said, “This proposition 3, for example, has the potential to legalize abortion in Michigan through the ninth month of pregnancy. We’re talking abortion on demand. Abortion because they don’t want to have the baby. Abortion because they don’t like the gender.”

“Planned parenthood, one of the sponsors of this referendum, have it completely wrong. Abortion is not healthcare,” said Miller.

Oh, so the pro-abort ghouls want zero abortion restrictions, which is out of step with the rest of the country, but heaven forbid that gets reported other than a quote by a pro-life activist.

That framing is the problem.

Dismissing and downplaying the violence from pro-aborts whose very position is violence only means that there will be more against pro-lifers.

We all know that the pro-aborts will never stop until they have taxpayer-funded abortion on demand — and they’ll push for it by any means necessary. The complicit media won’t call them out for it, either.

Meanwhile, the media will pearl-clutch about a handful of acts of violence by pro-life that happened 30 or 40 years ago.

It’s completely dishonest and frankly, shameful for media organizations that promote themselves as “unbiased” to cheerlead for one side like they do.

But this is the world that we currently live in.

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