Biden’s Broken Border: CBP Reports Arrest Of 12 Individuals On Terror Watchlist In August

Written by K. Walker on September 20, 2022

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The number of suspected terrorists apprehended at the border for Fiscal Year 2022 is now triple the past five years combined.

Fox News border correspondent Bill Melugin reported the alarming new stats on Twitter on Tuesday and then was all over Fox News with the report.

Fox News reports:

Border Patrol stopped a dozen individuals whose names are on the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) in August, bringing the total for the fiscal year to a number that is triple the previous five fiscal years combined – as agents deal with a historic migrant surge at the border.

New data released by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) this week show that there were 12 individuals encountered by Border Patrol between ports of entry at the border whose names matched on the TSDB – which contains information about the identities of those who are known or “reasonably suspected” of being involved in terrorist activities.

August’s apprehensions bring the total for FY 22 to 78 so far, with two months still to go in the fiscal year. That is triple the prior five years combined. There were two arrests in FY17, six in FY18, zero in FY 19, three in FY20 and 15 in FY21…

…Republicans have pointed to the numbers to show the potential national security threat at the border and the need for greater border security. Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee had pushed for the numbers to again be made public before the Biden administration eventually started putting them on the CBP website in May.

Meanwhile, there have so far been 342 encounters of known or suspected terrorists by CBP agents at ports of entry along the north and southern borders. Of those, 63 were at the southern border and 279 at the northern border. That is the highest number since FY’19, when there were 538 such encounters.
Source: Fox News

Melugin has been just incredible with his reports from the place where other journalists fear to tread — the Southern border.

On Monday he tweeted that the U.S. has hit another record with more than two million encounters with illegal border crossers in FY 2022… and the fiscal year isn’t over yet.

Biden’s de facto open border is a security threat with these potential terrrorists, criminals, and drug traffickers entering the country.

The fentanyl trafficking alone should be reason enough to secure the border.

But even if it was only sweet, gentle family-oriented economic migrants seeking a “better life” the U.S. still couldn’t manage to absorb the millions that are entering illegally. It’s not just a matter of letting people in, there has to be infrastructure in place to accommodate them — housing, jobs, schools, hospitals, and sufficient law enforcement, just to name a few things.

Interestingly, Fox also reports that there has been a surge of migrants fleeing the totalitarian regimes of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua — there has been a 175% increase in border crossings from those three countries alone over last year.

“Failing communist regimes in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba are driving a new wave of migration across the Western Hemisphere, including the recent increase in encounters at the southwest U.S. border,” CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus said in a statement on Monday.

Perhaps Biden should keep that in mind as he continues enacting Bernie’s socialist domestic policies.

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