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Cali Democrat Blasts Police After Man She Lives With Assaults Trump Supporter

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Democrats really seem to think they deserve a pass for attacking anyone to the Right of Bernie Sanders.

Maybe those precedents of the Summer of 2020 had something to do with it. Or maybe the FBI’s heinous treatment of Joe Biden’s political enemies… including a Catholic pro-life father of seven.

Or the fact that the Uniter-in-Chief is busy demonizing half the country as semi-fascist existential threats to America.

Whatever the reason, the left has become emboldened with their expressions of political violence in recent years. That might explain the shocked reaction of a Democrat politician when the man she lives with got arrested for busting a Trump supporter’s nose in a Democrat political event.

Rather than treat the assailant as an adult who was responsible for his own actions, the California Democrat raged at the police who arrested him for assault.

California Democratic congresswoman Katie Porter blasted a local police department for arresting a man she lived with after he allegedly assaulted a pro-Trump protester in July 2021.
Following the incident, Porter sent a scathing text to Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan to tell them that their officers were a ‘disgrace.’
The leaked text message was reported by Fox News in September, more than a year after the event, and a little over a month before Porter faces off against Republican Scott Baugh in an attempt to be reelected.
The fight occurred at Porter’s first town hall following the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, which was held in Irvine.
Julian Willis was arrested after apparently giving a Trump supporter a bloody nose, he was cited for his alleged role.
Willis’ relationship to Porter is unknown at this point. Porter has three children and is described as a ‘single mother’ in much of her campaign literature.
— DailyMail

It’s unclear if they’re still together.

We can’t be the only ones who notice a pattern here: despite all the pearl-clutching of the left about ‘dangerous’ extremists on the right, there seems to be a near-perfect record of actual documented acts of violence being a feature of the political left.

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