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DURHAM: One-Two Evidence Punch Has Steele Dossier Evidence On The Ropes

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In all the chaos surrounding the latest wave of Get-Trump enthusiasm, have you forgotten about that OTHER investigation? The one Durham has been running?

He may not be leaking juicy rumors to the media every seven seconds like Joe’s Wingman has been these last few weeks. But he’s not been sitting on his hands, either.

His case against the key Steele Dossier source goes to trial in just a couple of weeks. And the evidence he is bringing up could throw a really big wrench into the credibility of the very ‘law enforcement’ organization working so hard to indict Biden’s Presidential predecessor.

What if Crossfire Hurricane wasn’t the only place the FBI was playing dirty against Trump World? What if they’ve been stringing him along all the way through his time as President?

Is it possible that the DOJ that is working so hard to accuse Trump of whipping up a ‘coup’ are busy trying to hide evidence that his own subordinates in LAW ENFORCEMENT were actively conspiring to unseat a duly-elected President during his 4 years in office?

It sure would line up with the endless drip of open hostility Trump saw from so-called subordinates who never seemed to miss an opportunity to stick a shiv between his ribs. And let’s not forget Schumer’s open threat that ‘intelligence agencies’ have ‘six ways from Sunday’ of getting back at someone who pisses them off.

That may be true but doing so takes breaking some laws first, doesn’t it?

Not a problem. Crossfire Hurricane (etc) gave America a crash course education in just how ‘bound’ our law enforcement feels by inconvenient constraints of the law. Even when fired for cause, they still get their pension back. Meanwhile, General Flynn — who was shown to have had evidence fabricated against him — was litigated into bankruptcy.

Readers of ClashDaily would not be at all surprised about Igor Danchenko — the Russian informant at the center of the Steel Dossier — being a political agent. The FBI itself had opened an investigation into him during the Obama years for trying to *checks notes* buy classified information from the Obama administration.

But with his role in Crossfire Hurricane finally shifting from the court of public opinion to the court of law, we are learning facts we did not now before… these are facts that may become relevant as the FBI uses sweeping powers it may or may not possess to ensnare most anyone connected in almost any way to TrumpWorld between the 2020 election and the months following his impeachment trial.

Two new pieces of evidence have emerged

First, a witness contradicting a central claim of the Dossier

If you recall, when FBI Director Comey deceitfully ‘informed’ the President-Elect about the Steele Dossier on (of all days) January 6th 2017. This was the same day that several elected Democrats stood up in the ‘sacred chamber’ of democracy to stand opposed to the ‘smooth transition of power’ by denying Trump had been duly and lawfully elected as President.

Obama himself had said there had been no foreign interference in the elections. But nevertheless, Democrats persisted in their election denying.

In Comey’s presentation of information that no respectable — or even leftist –news agency was willing to touch because it was an obviously a slanderous hit piece, he knowingly gave Trump’s enemies a ‘legitimate’ news angle. What is this mysterious salacious story about Trump and Russian hookers?

“I said the Russians allegedly had tapes involving him and prostitutes at the Presidential Suite at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow from about 2013,” Comey told Trump, according to a top secret memo Comey wrote to himself the next day. “I said I wasn’t saying this was true, only that I wanted him to know that it had been reported [in the dossier] and that the reports were in many hands.”
“I said media like CNN had them and were looking for a news hook,” Comey continued. “I said it was important that we not give them the excuse to write that the FBI has the material or [redacted] and that we were keeping it very close-hold.”
In reality, it was the briefing of this attachment by intelligence chiefs that was quickly leaked to CNN and used to provide a veneer of legitimacy to the unverified and uncorroborated allegations. Comey’s briefing itself became the very news hook that CNN needed to pretend that the dossier was a serious document rather than the lunatic ravings of a partisan hatchet man on the payroll of the DNC and Clinton campaign.

Without Comey so helpfully ‘warning’ Trump about this ‘damaging information’ that his enemies had on him, he was personally setting the trap for years of reputational damage. Comey later went on to crow about how he so cleverly triumphed over his enemy. You know, otherwise known as America’s duly-elected President.

That so-called pee-tape was the first domino to fall in the trap they set for Trump. It was a lie from the beginning — and the FBI knew it.

The alleged ‘source’ Igor Danchenko cited in the dossier will be standing as one of the witnesses against him as Danchenko stands accused of lying to the FBI.

Steele claimed in the dossier that Trump engaged in sexual activity at the hotel. Danchenko reported the claims to Steele in July 2016. The dossier portion containing the claims was dated June 20, 2016.
The report says that a person described as “Source D,” a close associate of Trump, organized Trump’s trips to Moscow and confirmed Trump’s alleged activity. Steele also claimed that “Source E,” a senior Western staffer at the hotel confirmed the claims.
Questioned by the FBI about the claims, Danchenko said in January 2017 in Washington that he sourced the information while staying at the hotel in June 2016. He said he was invited to Moscow by Charles Dolan, a longtime Clinton family associate. Danchenko later told FBI agents that he only visited the hotel, rather than sleeping there.
…“To state the obvious, it would be impossible for Millian to confirm the Ritz Carlton Allegations (and other information) to the defendant in June 2016 because the defendant repeatedly informed the FBI that the first and only time he allegedly communicated with Millian was late July 2016,” they added. “Put bluntly, these facts demonstrate that the defendant could not keep his lies straight, and that the defendant engaged in a concerted effort to deceive the FBI about the sourcing (or lack thereof) of the Steele Reports. Accordingly, this evidence is intrinsic to the charged offenses as they relate to Millian and is properly admitted as direct evidence.” –EpochTimes (emphasis added)

The only ‘Western staffer’ he could possibly mean has called this a lie, and will testify for the prosecution.

Second — Why did the FBI keep this liar on as a paid anti-Trump informant until 2020?

“In March 2017, the FBI signed the defendant up as a paid confidential human source of the FBI,” Durham’s unsealed court filing disclosed for the first time. “The FBI terminated its source relationship with the defendant in October 2020. As alleged in further detail below, the defendant lied to FBI agents during several of these interviews.”
The revelation means that the FBI first fired former MI6 agent Christopher Steele, the author of the Hillary Clinton-funded dossier, as a human source in November 2016 for having unauthorized contacts with the news media. And it then turned around a few months later and hired Steele’s primary informer to work with the bureau even after determining some of Danchenko’s statements in the Steele dossier were uncorroborated or exaggerated.
Even more stunning, Durham confirmed that the FBI had concerns about Danchenko’s ties to Russian intelligence a decade earlier, opening up a counterintelligence probe on him after learning he was trying to buy classified information from the Obama administration.

What legitimate purpose could the FBI have had in keeping a known Russian operative — who had done more to upset the smooth transition of power than any other Russian in US history — on the FBI payroll until just a few weeks before election 2020?

Were they buying his silence with our tax dollars as a massive CYA move? If not, what legitimate publicinterest could such an arrangement have served?

One last thing — have you noticed how many Clinton-Russian conections keep coming up in the Steel Dossier story? If we really want to dig into allegations of Russian Collusion, maybe we should look at Podesta’s connections to a Putin-connected energy company that just happened to dry up right after Hillary lost that election in 2016.

What we wrote about it then: BREAKING: Podesta’s Ties to Putin REVEALED – Please SHARE With CNN

And our more recent updates on a related story…

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You didn’t think we’d all forgotten about that, did you? If Republicans get that gavel back in November, we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us.

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