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Even WaPo’s Editorial Board Is Says John Fetterman Should Debate Dr. Oz

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The Senate race in Pennsylvania has already been one to watch and it’s only getting more interesting.

The polls are close and the way that the race goes could significantly affect which party holds control the U.S. Senate .

Dr. Mehmet Oz, a GOP candidate that many Republicans are reluctant to support, is up against former Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, who is still suffering from lingering effects of a stroke just 4 days before the Democrat primary. Despite having a serioius medical event that Fetterman says nearly killed him, he refused to drop out of the race.

For months, Fetterman didn’t make any public apprearances leading to speculation about his health and if his recovery was really as rapid as his team claims it was.

It didn’t help that the Fetterman campaign waited for two days after his stroke to admit that he had been hospitalized and weeks later to say that he had been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy in 2017 and had a pacemaker with a difibrillator implated after the stroke.

Now that he’s getting out on the campaign trail, it’s clear that there are still some lingering problems — Fetterman’s speech is stilted, he stammers, he’s sometimes confused, and he often struggles to find the right word. His team says that he also has trouble with auditory processing which makes it difficult for him to respond to what he hears.

Fetterman’s inability to clearly communicate is a pretty big deal for someone who wants to be a U.S. Senator.

His appearances have been extremely limited and he has only recently agreed to a single debate with Oz that will take place in mid to late October, well after September 19 when voters can start casting mail-in ballots.

It’s become so bad that even the Washington Post is saying that Fetterman needs to be open about his health.

An opinion piece from the WaPo Editorial Board says that the campaign’s response to quesitons about Fetterman’s health has been atrocious and that “a doctot’s note, released more than 14 weeks ago, which said ‘he should be able to campaign and serve in the U.S. Senate without a problem’ if he takes his medications and exercises” is not good enough.

Mr. Fetterman is asking voters for a six-year contract without giving them enough information to make sound judgments about whether he’s up for such a demanding job. We have called for full disclosure of health records from candidates for federal office in both parties, including Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and we believe Mr. Fetterman should release his medical records for independent review.

And he should debate Mr. Oz before voters start casting their ballots. Mr. Oz, for his part, has not exactly conducted himself with glory. The campaign’s offer to fund “any additional medical personnel [Mr. Fetterman] might need to have on standby” during a debate and its mocking comment about Mr. Fetterman not eating enough vegetables were sophomoric and unseemly, made worse by the fact that Mr. Oz is a cardiothoracic surgeon. Both candidates have something to prove to voters, and there is no better forum than a debate.
Source: Washington Post

The concern is legit.

Check out some of the highlights of Fetterman’s speech at a “Women for Fetterman” event in Montgomery County on Sunday.


Fetterman, whose campaign used the Biden 2020 strategy by hiding their candidate and kept voters in the dark, is now whining that Dr. Oz is being mean by “attacking” him because he had a stroke. No, it’s because he’s not able to form a coherent sentence and clearly has cognitive issues.

Clay Travis is right, though — Fetterman was awful way before the stroke.

Here’s pre-stroke Fetterman calling for the mass release of prisoners.

We see how that’s working in Democrat cities that are already implementing similar policies and watching the crime rate soar.

Fetterman, who touts himself as a progressive that supports the working class, has relied on his parents money well into his 40s to help him continue in his political career.

He was Mayor of Braddock in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania from 2006-2019 until he became Lieugenant Governor. His salary as Mayor was jut $1,800 but he survived by getting help from Mom and Dad — his parents gave him $54,000 in 2015 alone.

It wasn’t just Mom and Dad helping out Fetterman, his sister sold him a home that she originally paid $70,000 for at the deeply discounted rate of $1. That must be some family bond they’ve got going on.

Back in December 2013 when Fetterman was Mayor of Braddock, he chased a black jogger in his pickup truck after hearing what he thought were gunshots while he was outside playing with his son. The unarmed man said that the sound was from bottle rockets behind the library.

Nevertheless, the 6’8″ Fetterman grabbed his 20-guage and, according to the jogger, pointed it at his chest until the police arrived.

Who do you believe?

Fetterman is also just… cringe.

And then there’s this…

What in the hell is that?!

Is it a tumor? Is it just a clump of fat? Seriously, what is it?

Geez… that explains his penchant for hoodies that can cover up whatever the hell that is.

There’s this whole thing on the Conservative side about being “better” than our political opponents and and taking the higher ground. It’s especially frowned upon if you are mocking someone who is sick.

But sometimes, there’s just some obvious humor there and it’s hard to ignore.

That’s especially true with the weird neck lump thing.


Democrats — including the President himself — are calling Trump supporters semi-fascists and threats to democracy and paving the way for political violence, so… they can take a joke about John Fetterman’s fat head.

Cry more, Libs.

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