Facebook & ‘Russian Collusion’: Two MORE Reasons To Doubt The FBI’s Integrity

Written by Wes Walker on September 15, 2022

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As if we didn’t already have enough reasons to be skeptical of pretty much everything the FBI has had its hands on since at least 2016, here are two more.

Reason One: Russian Collusion

Except for the die-hards like Schiff, Swalwell, and Nadler who have skin in the game, it’s obvious to most of us that ‘Russian Collusion’ allegations were a scam from day one.

Every time we turn around, there’s another revelation of how deeply the highest levels of the FBI leadership had been involved in a corrupt conspiracy to take down a duly-elected president. If we saw another country doing this, we’d denounce it as a ‘coup’, but since the ‘right’ party stood to benefit from it, many people whose job it was to stand up and say something about this fell strangely silent.

This includes the media and many political insiders.

The FBI knew as early as January of 2017 that some central claims of the Steele Dossier had been debunked, and it had been further discredited because of dubious sourcing and politicized motivation. None of that stopped the Mueller investigation from going forward.

The only thing that came of that investigation was the reputational damage of Trump being supposedly ‘tainted’ by Russian influence which led to the financial ruin of supporters in his inner circle as well as a significant win for Democrats in the Midterm elections while Trump lay under an unjustified cloud of suspicion.

Now, one of the men involved in that ‘Russian Collusion’ investigation has ‘Russian’ problems of his own.

A senior FBI official who investigated Donald Trump’s alleged links to Russia is now under the microscope for his own Moscow ties, a bombshell new report revealed on Thursday.
Charles McGonigal is the former counterintelligence chief at the FBI’s New York City field office. –DailyMail

The Russian oligarch that McGonigal’s business connections were (are?) at the center of a grand jury investigation for could potentially constitute a federal crime.

But if McGonigal’s work with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska proves to have violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act, he could face up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine at most.
…But the explosive Thursday report suggests McGonigal has had multiple contacts with an aide to Deripaska, including a referral to a law firm that ended up being a lucrative deal for a former Soviet official.
— DailyMail

Seriously? This guy was on the team charged with investigating whether Trump was involved in Russian collusion?

How is that any better than hiring a tax cheat to work in the IRS? Oh, wait, that’s a problem too, isn’t it?

But as if there weren’t enough reasons to accuse the FBI of being hopelessly biased and beyond redemption, here’s another one.

Reason Two: Facebook Collusion

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Zuckerburg admitted on Joe Rogan’s show that the FBI gave Facebook heads-up about the (absolutely authenticated) Hunter Biden laptop and warned them about a dump of ‘Russian Disinformation’?

(This is, tragically or hilariously, a ‘Russian disinformation’ warning given by the very same FBI that kept a Russian spy on its payroll as an anti-Trump informant from early 2017 until October of 2020.)

FRICKEN FBI : Meet The One Guy Who Cheated Trump Out Of His Second Term
DURHAM: One-Two Evidence Punch Has Steele Dossier Evidence On The Ropes

Zuckerberg wasn’t just complicit with manipulating media the FBI gave a warning about. They were quite happily dropping a dime on conservatives who had broken no laws.

Facebook/Meta was scooping up conversation conservatives were having amongst themselves that the users mistakenly believed was ‘private’ and sending them off to the FBI.

Facebook has been spying on the private messages and data of American users and reporting them to the FBI if they express anti-government or anti-authority sentiments — or question the 2020 election — according to sources within the Department of Justice.
Under the FBI collaboration operation, somebody at Facebook red-flagged these supposedly subversive private messages over the past 19 months and transmitted them in redacted form to the domestic terrorism operational unit at FBI headquarters in Washington, DC, without a subpoena.
“It was done outside the legal process and without probable cause,” alleged one of the sources, who spoke on condition of ­anonymity.
“Facebook provides the FBI with private conversations which are protected by the First Amendment without any subpoena.”
These private messages then have been farmed out as “leads” to FBI field offices around the country, which subsequently requested subpoenas from the partner US Attorney’s Office in their district to officially obtain the private conversations that Facebook already had shown them.
But when the targeted Facebook users were investigated by agents in a local FBI field office, sometimes using covert surveillance techniques, nothing criminal or violent turned up.
“It was a waste of our time,” said one source familiar with subpoena requests lodged during a 19-month frenzy by FBI headquarters in Washington, DC, to produce the caseload to match the Biden administration’s rhetoric on domestic terrorism after the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot
. –NYPost

So, with crime around the nation hitting record territory, what did this full-court press against anti-authoritarians turn up? A whole lot of protected free speech. Nothing more. But the group they uniformly targeted was telling.

The Facebook users whose private communications Facebook had red-flagged as domestic terrorism for the FBI were all “conservative right-wing individuals.”
“They were gun-toting, red-blooded Americans [who were] angry after the election and shooting off their mouths and talking about staging protests. There was nothing criminal, nothing about violence or massacring or assassinating anyone.
“As soon as a subpoena was requested, within an hour, Facebook sent back gigabytes of data and photos. It was ready to go. They were just waiting for that legal process so they could send it.”
— NYPost

It was ‘ready to go’. This is the Zuckerbucks guy who may have singlehandly rigged an election by throwing $350 Million, not to ordinary advertizing, which can be done legally, but injected by way of a pass-through ‘charity’ to infect ‘impartial’ election officials themselves with the donor’s partisan strings-attached agenda.

With all the crocodile tears Democrats pretend to cry about what happened to Capitol Police on That Day, did this deep cooperation with Facebook turn up any of the violence regularly endorsed by the Left? Pick whichever extreme group you want, from the violent fringe(?) of BLM to the ‘By Any Means Necessary’ and Antifa anti-conservative violent factions, to the abortion rights activists who openly support violence and Dox sitting judges. Has Facebook/Meta cooperated with the FBI to turn up anything there?


Maybe that’s why their stock price is taking such a hit.

Or maybe people have just realized that Facebook was a dumb fad that got real old, real quick, and have moved on.

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