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The Left Has Flipped From ‘Concentration Camps’ At The Border To Sending Migrants To Sanctuary Cities Is Like The Holocaust

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The left can’t have it both ways, so… which is it, Libs?

Is it cruel to house illegal migrants in overcrowded facilities or is it wrong to send them to places that have designated themselves “Sanctuary Cities”?

The pro-illegal migration Libs want to whine about both without dealing with the problem of the de facto open border.

And yes, the border is open despite what the White House talking points are.

Migrants arriving in the United States are contradicting what the Biden administration says about the border being “closed.” According to this migrant, the border is very much open and illegal crossing into the United States isn’t a problem.

Those of us paying attention already knew that as we’re poised to set the record of 2 million encounters of illegal migrants for the fiscal year by the end of September. This is simply not sustainable.

Lib journos are losing their minds over Governors Abbott, DeSantis, and Ducey giving people free tickets to self-proclaimed “Sanctuary Cities” as the mass influx of migrants is straining their resources.

The latest outrage is over the 50, yes, that’s correct, fifty asylum seekers sent to Martha’s Vineyard from Florida.

DeSantis Gives Sweet Dreamers A Plane Ticket To Martha’s Vineyard … Left Freaks Out

CNN’s Manu Raju quoted Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) about how this new GOP strategy of sending migrants to self-proclaimed sanctuary cities is “luring” them like human traffickers would do.

Senator “I Forgot I Flew On A Private Jet For Several Sex-cations With Underage Dominican Prostitutes” might have more familiarity with human trafficking than the average Senator, but this ain’t it, Chief.

These migrants were handed free tickets to a destination that they know would be welcoming to them and without the long lineups or just being dropped off on the streets as is currently happening in Democrat-led El Paso.

BIDEN’S BROKEN BORDER: Democrat-led El Paso Has Been Busing Migrants To NYC — And They’re Ramping It Up

Bill Melugin who has been covering the border for Fox News clears it all up nicely.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes says that what DeSantis is doing is “sick and dehumanizing” as well as “vindictive.”

Of course, he didn’t say that when the Biden administration was sending unaccompanied minors to New York and Florida on flights in the middle of the night.

No, that was being responsible, right?

Actually, it was to deflect from the absolute failure of this administration in securing the border and protecting migrant children from human trafficking.

Gov. Ron DeSantis says that Florida isn’t a sanctuary state and he will continue to “help facilitate that transport” to sanctuary jurisdictions.

Independent journalist Stephen Miller responded to NYTimes hack Maggie Haberman’s outrage the right way.

In a segment on CNN’s “New Day”, John Berman had on documentary filmmaker Ken Burns to discuss his new movie about the American response to the Holocaust. During the segment, they both liken sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard to the horrendous acts of the Third Reich.

Of course.

They’re rightfully getting lambasted for it.

Everywhere you turn, there’s some Democrat somewhere whining about the “humanitarian crisis” being created by red state governors.

In a fascinating exchange between Zaid Jilani, a reporter for News Nation, and some Twitter rando after he responded to the tweet by Chris Hayes shows just how low some Dems are going with this criticism.

Jilani has been debunking a whole lot of myths relating to the border crisis.

In a response to Maggie Haberman suggesting that it’s “illegal” to bus migrants to blue state sanctuary cities, he tweeted that once migrants are processed, they’re free to travel within the country.

He’s also posting some interesting facts that some of the Regime Media in hysterics should already know because it should be part of their job to, you know, investigate things and determine what the facts are before running off half-cocked with some partisan opinion.

The idea that these migrants are being dehumanized and loaded on buses against their will is just silly. Many of them are welcoming the free trip that brings them to or at least closer to their final destination.

The criticism that the opposition to this surge in illegal migration is somehow due to xenophobia is absolutely absurd.

It’s fascinating that the media is suddenly outraged now that there’s a “crisis” in Sanctuary Cities with just a few thousand migrants being sent there when they were all denouncing Trump for wanting to secure the border.

We all know why.

These “Sanctuary Cities” are fine with virtue signalling until they actually have to deal with the massive influx of migrants… and that influx is significantly less than what border towns deal with on a daily basis.

The Mayors of D.C. and NYC are calling it a “humanitarian crisis” for receiving a few thousand migrants over several months, while the Mayor of Chicago is whining about a couple of hundred migrants and has shipped almost a third of them to a non-sanctuary GOP suburb to get them out of her hair.

It’s asylum seeker NIMBYism — they want the migrants to stay in the border towns where they belong.

They also don’t want to face the ugly truth that allowing people to enter illegally and claim asylum with a high liklihood of being rejected and then forced to live in an underground economy is inhumane.

But the “No One Is Illegal” Libs won’t ever admit that.

Cracking down on illegal migration that is putting money in the coffers of the cartels trafficking drugs and humans into the country isn’t inhumane — it’s the opposite.

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