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FRACTURED PRIDE: One Letter Of Rainbow Movement Complains Of Exclusion

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It’s a problem even Stevie Wonder could have seen coming. All you had to do was pay attention to the trendlines. ClashDaily has been predicting this for a long time.

The ever-expanding alphabet movement is beginning to collapse under its own weight. It was inevitable. Their central claims (and therefore their purposes) are built on conflicting assumptions.

The movement claimed to be built on a spirit of inclusion and tolerance. But if ever it really was about that, it didn’t take long for it to become something entirely different.

It became a political symbol that did as much to divide as it did to unite. If you are not for us, you are against us… and therefore, the enemy. This dynamic is built into the DNA of every intrinsically progressive movement. The revolution will always keep evolving, and those who don’t keep up will be thrown under the bus.

Cracks In The Coalition Forming Over Trans Rights Disputes

Women who have spent decades fighting for a particular set of issues and concerns are suddenly finding themselves silenced by a newer and more fashionable movement that contradicts many of their claims. And they are NOT happy about it.

Julie Bindel is an activist. She represents the ‘L’ in the ever-expanding acronym that was simply ‘LGB’ in the 1980s before it started swallowing up the entire alphabet. She wrote a lengthy op-ed in the Daily Mail about why she no longer thinks the LGBT (etc) movement is a place in which lesbians can find a place at the table.

Her piece begins by referencing a UK pride march in which lesbians in a group named ‘Get The L Out’ were escorted away from a pride parade because they were inconveniencing supporters of the Trans activist segment of the movement.

In recent decades, we have become used to the idea that such Pride marches are something we can all be part of to celebrate diversity. But this incident tells me, loud and clear, that for lesbians like me this is simply no longer true.
We are no longer welcome at such events; it is time for us to break from the ever-growing list of identities that make up the current acronym of LGBTQQI.
Has the rainbow acronym expanded so far that it is now meaningless? In my view, the coalition of voices is now so deeply divided that it simply makes no sense to those of us who have been campaigning for lesbian and gay equality for years.
Alongside a growing number of lesbians, I believe that we have, in recent decades, become ever more invisible and irrelevant.
I have been told that my 40-plus years of campaigning for lesbian rights, and against all forms of discrimination towards women, is irrelevant because I have dared to speak out against the Stonewall transgender ideology that appears to have taken over the entire same-sex community.
I have been labelled ‘homophobic’, ‘biphobic’ and ‘transphobic’ for asking when lesbians will get any attention from the so-called LGBT organisations that purport to speak on my behalf.
— DailyMail

She makes the obvious point that if the Lesbians were the ones on the receiving end of the attacks at the Pride event, they should not have been the ones removed. The actions of the police tell us a lot about what’s really going on.

This isn’t about inclusion at all. In fact, I came across a 2019 story in which Julie reported a ‘man in a skirt’ with ‘lots of dark stubble’ denounced her with Trans-activist slogans and attacked her while she was on her way to catch a taxi.

What’s really at play here is a political movement that has gotten very skilled at using the cloak of a ‘rights’ movement to achieve objectives and power. As soon as a group no longer serves that agenda, they are cast aside for one that will. We are at a pivot point where another group that thought themselves to be inside the umbrella is quietly being ‘otherised’.

The Left’s Disposable Heroes

This attitude of discarding movements and heroes is nothing new for the left.

Former leaders of the progressive movement, second-wave Feminists, for example, find themselves shunned as ‘problematic’ as soon as the revolution passes old cultural checkpoints of change. Pressing ever-forward to new horizons, their old heroes are little more than anchors that hold back progress.

Sports icons of the left, like Martina Navratilova, once beloved for being a lesbian who had ‘come out’ while at the top of her stardom have since become ‘problematic’. We’re seeing headlines like this one:

The rules of the left’s game changed faster than Martina could keep up.

The new cause is trans issues. And if you have an issue with debased terms like ‘birthing persons’ or ‘chest-feeding’, you are a ‘hater’. If you are bothered by mediocre male athletes suddenly competing in women’s meets, or the sterilization of children by removing healthy tissue, or by women in prison being raped by other inmates who happen to have a fully-functioning penis — you’re probably one of those evil ‘TERFs’.

You will be lumped in with the rest of us as an evil conservative bigot who needs to be shunned until such time as you come to your senses, do your public Mea Culpa, and swear allegiance before whichever version of the Pride Flag is au courant.

What Does This Mean For The Future?

A lie can only be maintained for so long. And the minority can only keep a jackboot on the neck of the majority for so long. Eventually, enough people wake up to the fact that the demands being made are unreasonable. They alienate too many people and the very people they have been discarding and vilifying suddenly have nothing left to lose, and nothing left to be threatened with. They can band together with the courage needed to be that one kid in the Emporer’s New Clothes story.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn learned some important lessons during the time he spent first in Nazi prison camps and the in the Soviet Gulag. Among them were the incredible power of the truth, and the relationship of the lie to violence.

I will conclude with two of his quotes:

“The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. “One word of truth outweighs the world.”

“The simple act of an ordinary courageous man is not to take part, not to support lies! Let that come into the world and even reign over it, but not through me. Writers and artists can do more: they can vanquish lies! … Lies can stand up against much in the world, but not against art.”

Be encouraged: Solzhenitsyn spoke the truth and outlived the Soviet system that tried so hard to destroy him by nearly 20 years.

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