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GROSS: Lizzo Plays James Madison’s Crystal Flute While Twerking (VIDEO)

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The Library of Congress allowed Lizzo to use the historic crystal flute onstage at a recent concert in D.C.

Say what you will about Lizzo, we can pretty much all agree that she’s a much better musician than she is a role model for women.

That didn’t really appear to be the case when she played the flute onstage.

She played a couple of notes and then jiggled to it while the crowd cheered before handing the flute back.

Thank God it wasn’t Madonna with that flute — who knows what she would’ve done with it!

This clip of her went viral for two very different reasons.

First, there was a lot of “Yass, Qweening” going on from the left because they thought it was a thumb in the eye of the “white supremacist” Founding Fathers — in particular James Madison.

Many noted that Carla Hayden, the Librarian of Congress is the first African American as well as the first woman to hold that position, so it wasn’t just that a black pop star played the flute, the permission to use it was given by a black woman.

Typical of that is the take by MSNBC columnist and law prof Tiffany Li. Here are just the first 4 tweets of her lengthy thread on Lizzo and Madison.

And on the right, the video was pointless and degrading a piece of history — which it clearly was.

Here’s the thing about this… Lizzo is a classically trained flutist.

The entire flute performance happened because the Librarian of Congress tagged Lizzo on Twitter and invited her to check out the flute collection and play a few of them.

Lizzo quickly responded.

There are other videos of Lizzo playing the flute, and she’s… quite good, actually. As a bonus, she’s even wearing reasonably modest clothes!

This is the video clip that should have gone viral.

Look at that! She has actual talent!

And it’s not like it wasn’t out there. The Hill posted a video of her playing the flute.

The Library of Congress shared a video of her playing a plexiglass flute and it’s just beautiful.

The clip that went viral was nothing but an opportunity for Lizzo to push her brand with booty-shaking, while the other clips show that she is actually a talented musician. It was a publicity stunt for her and it worked.

Of course, the rabid left “pounced” on conservatives who expressed the view that Lizzo twerking while playing Madison’s crystal flute was… a bit much.

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro nails it.

Here’s something that nobody else seems to be saying… the reason that Lizzo just played a few notes while twerking instead of recreating that delightful performance in the Library of Congress is because she knows that it wouldn’t go over well with her fans.

She’s got a brand to protect, and playing a classical piece wouldn’t stick it to the long-dead alleged “white supremacist” Founding Fathers (and the people who don’t hate them) the way that shaking her badonkadonk to a few trills on a flute would.

It’s a sign of a degraded culture and conservatives are mocked for not celebrating that.

Lizzo might have thought that she was a badass for the twerking, but if she really wanted to be a badass, she would have showcased her talent by playing something beautiful with such a beautiful instrument.

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