Martha’s Vineyard Guests And Residents React To Migrants Brief Visit To The Island (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on September 20, 2022

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There were mixed reactions to the handling of the migrants that arrived and then quickly departed the island.

To the chagrin of Democrats, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis successfully pulled off a “political stunt” to draw attention to the border crisis that the Regime Media refuses to acknowledge.

In sending 4 dozen migrants to one of the wealthiest zip codes in the United States that also declared itself to be a “Sanctuary” jurisdiction, it exposed the hypocrisy of the virtue-signaling leftists who don’t think that literally millions of asylum seekers bypassing border crossings to enter the country illegally is a problem… as long as they stay in those border states.

The migrants were in Martha’s Vineyard for fewer than two days and the “No One Is Illegal” crowd swiftly called in the National Guard and shipped them off the island. Deporting them, if you will.

A video from Fox News Digital shows a few Martha’s Vineyard residents and guests reacting to the brief “enriching” visit by the migrants who apparently left an “indelible mark” after just 44 hours.

The reactions were mixed. Some thought it was a great way to draw attention to the issue, others were defensive about “what they did” for those migrants.

Paul S.: “Like any problem, if you want to fix a problem, make it visible. I think it was made visible.”

Jeff C.: “No, we didn’t get rid of [the asylum seekers], we took care of them. I think ‘get rid of them’ is a little harsh and I think that people came forward and did the best they could to help them out.”

Z: “[Martha’s Vineyard] isn’t the best place for them to start fresh ’cause there’s no place to live here — there’s like… housing is bad.”

Jeff R.: “If they’re here initially, and we can help them, then by all means. We certainly can’t stretch our services, but we’ll do the best that we can, that’s what we do as a community.”

The number of illegal border crossers is staggeringly high with over 4,000,000 entering the country since Biden took office.

While one Martha’s Vineyard resident says that border towns have large facilities to house migrants, no country could handle 8,000 people arriving a day no matter what infrastructure was in place. It’s just not possible to absorb that many people with housing, education, healthcare, and policing.

Border states are expected to absorb literally millions of people but 48 strained the resources of a self-declared “Sanctuary” jurisdiction.

It was just a year ago that thousands of Haitian migrants were setting up camp under the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

The Regime Media didn’t cover that as thoroughly as the 48 Venezuelans in Martha’s Vineyard because one was a “humanitarian crisis” and the other was apparently not. Democrats and Republicans will probably differ on which was which.

Videos of the migrants leaving the island and heading to a military base on Cape Cod were shared on social media and it’s not exactly the message that Democrats think it is.

Rich white people cheering as the brown people board a bus to leave isn’t a good look for the predominantly Biden-voting demographic, but the Regime Media will continue to try to spin it.

The problem always seems to come down to the biased, disingenuous media that is actively cheering for one side and hellbent on destroying the other.


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