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Yes, Mayor Eric: NYC Really DOES Have A ‘Brand’ … But It’s Not What You Think

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New York’s Mayor Eric is a little like those Febreeze commercials — when it comes to the city he runs, he’s ‘nose blind’.

In a presser about his trip to Peurto Rico, he took an entirely unprovoked swipe at another American city. That was a bad idea.

Here’s the swipe he took:

“We have a brand, New York has a brand. And when people see it, it means something. You know, when we go, Kansas doesn’t have a brand,” Adams continued, drawing laughter from some sharing the stage with him. “When you go there, okay, you’re from Kansas, but New York has a brand. It has a brand, and that brand means diversity, that brand means we care, that brand means we’re compassionate.” –DailyCaller

How sure is Hizzonner, really, that THIS is the brand in NYC these days?

Because if he hasn’t noticed, Uhauls are rushing out of New York like rats from a sinking ship.

The brand may have been something truly wonderful in the heady days of the Guiliani turnaround and even well into the Bloomberg years. But today?

Now it’s looking more like the ‘Escape From New York’ version of the city. Like Batman’s versio of Gotham or Daredevil’s take on Hell’s Kitchen.

Businesses are being shut down because they’re tired of being brazenly robbed in the middle of the day with a law enforcement that has been stripped of any needed tools to remedy the problem.

Homeless people are pushing unsuspecting commuters onto the subway tracks. People are being shot on the street in broad daylight. Carjackings are commonplace.

We’re seeing a series of targeted assaults against groups like women, Asians, Orthodox Jews, and if the videos are any clue, the people Biden’s FBI have been so doggedly chasing have had very little to do with it.

Just this week, there was footage of one woman who might lose her eye because some repeat criminal offender decided to attack her in the subway, bashing her head into the wall, and then repeatedly kicking her in the head once she had crumpled to the ground.

Tell us more about this famous New York compassion of yours, Eric. It looks swell… if by ‘swell’ you mean ‘hemmoraging’.

We all saw footage of a bodega owner being attacked in his own store, killing his attacker in self-defense, and your city’s first inclination was to send the bodega owner to Rikers.

Your AG ran on a platform of weaponizing her government powers against a political enemy (Trump) — and she has followed through on that promise… while your city’s murder rate hits numbers not seen in decades.

Maybe New York has enough problems of its own that the citizens who have not already fled for red states need their mayor to spend his energy on solving those problems rather than berating some city halfway across the country that never elected him and may not even know his name.

Hey Eric. Start with taking the log out of your own eye, before you start evaluating the ‘branding’ of other cities.

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