Canadians Just LOST Their Right To Self-Defense — Here’s Why American Patriots Should Care

Written by Wes Walker on October 22, 2022

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The right to protect yourself from that which means to do you harm is the most basic of all human rights. And it’s a sad fact that lethal force is sometimes necessary for protecting yourself.

Such is life in a broken world loaded with harsh realities.

But the liberals running (ruining?) Canada don’t care about that fact. They care about guns… specifically, they care about getting guns out of the hands of ordinary citizens.

Their government — the government that suspended the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms because the people whose livelihood Trudeau had been jacking with brought their 18-wheelers to his doorstep — just took a BIG step in the direction of taking legal guns away from Canadians.

Here’s Trudeau’s explanation:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday announced a freeze on handgun sales and transfers.
The handgun freeze, which went into effect Friday, outlaws sales, purchases and other transfers of handguns between individuals. Additionally, no foreign handguns may be brought into the country from abroad.
…”Fewer guns mean safer communities. That’s why the Government of Canada is implementing some of the strongest gun control measures in a generation,” the office boasts on its website.
The statement continues, “Handguns are the weapon of choice in most firearm-related crimes, which is why limiting the number of handguns is a critical part of our plan to protect Canadians from gun violence.”
— FoxNews

But he’s acting on the same faulty reasoning as all leftists. He refused to recognize the reasonable differences between lawful gun owners and criminals armed with guns.

Then again, Trudeau has gone on record, as recently as June, saying, ‘You can’t use a gun for self-protection in Canada. It’s not a right that you have.’

One shudders at the irony of the same man whose response to February’s Freedom Convoy trucker protest drew unfavorable comparisons to Adolf Hitler from — of all places — Eurpean Parliament wanting to strip Canadian citizens of their firearms in the same way that a certain short Austrian with a ridiculous mustache did with a disfavored group under his control all those years ago.

Why should Americans care about Canada crazy laws?

Simple, Democrats are hellbent-for-leather to replicate them.

Trudeau IS, and governs as, the unabashed Progressive Elitist Globalist that Democrats only dream they could be in America. Trudeau has greater unopposed power and nobody is willing or able to hold him in check.

There are still some institutions standing in the way in America. Not to mention that whole Constitution thing. But let’s not forget that Joe Biden has been open about his hostility to gun ownership. He ran on appointing Beto as his ‘Gun Czar’. He’s the guy who said ‘hell yeah’ that he really was coming for our guns.

If that doesn’t convince you, maybe this will…

One of Toronto’s answers to WaPo or the NYTimes ran an excerpt from a book that shared something about Canada’s role in gun history that may surprise our readers.

First by the very favorable (or ‘favourable’) attitude toward competency with a firearm, and second by the role they played in US history.

We pick up the story as they are describing the history as the world transitioned from musket to modern rifles. They touch on its role in the American Civil War and then pivot to how other nations quickly adopted an attitude toward gaining proficiency.

…And since training marksmen takes time, and since in the era of mass warfare you go to war with what you’ve got, any nation that wished to be taken seriously as a military power would have to turn its farmers, its shopkeepers and its bankers into marksmen. Every nation would have to become a nation of riflemen.
Canada was born just in time to join the fun. Few Canadians are aware that the first sport to receive federal funding in their fair and peaceful land, almost as soon as Canada became Canada, was rifle shooting. In 1867, the British North America Act created Canada; in 1868, motivated by the need to defend peace, order, and good government, Canada became a nation of riflemen through a Militia Act that created a 40,000-man active militia.
The federal government was soon funding the newborn Dominion of Canada Rifle Association to the tune of $10,000 a year. Ottawa also provided rifles to all active militia members, bought and rented rifle ranges for the Rifle Association, funded rifle competitions, and provided a supply of cheap ammunition. National defence was an urgent matter. Everyone still remembered the Fenian raids. With all that money behind them, Canadian shooters were soon winning medals in international rifle matches, and in 1871 at Wimbledon — a venue then known for rifle shooting, and not for tennis — took prizes in all events they entered.
“In England, and more especially in Canada, the policy of providing ranges of sufficient extent for long-range rifle practice, has developed a large and formidable force for national defence,” remarked an 1872 editorial in the New York Times. “Canada today has 45,000 trained marksmen among her volunteers, England 150,000, while the United States has none.”
–The Star

Ouch. That last line is a kick in the gut, isn’t it? But that’s the point. At that point in history it was CANADIANS that were extremely pro-gun and highly proficient in their use. America, not so much.

But that changed dramatically, for BOTH countries.

Where does the NRA fit into this?

The writer (clearly not a fan of the NRA) explains how the National Rifle Association was something of a gift Canada bequeathed to America. (Emphasis added)

In 1871, dismayed by the poor shooting they had seen among Union recruits in the Civil War, and sharing the popular view that individual marksmanship would settle the fate of nations, Gen. George Wingate and Col. William C. Church followed the example set by Canada and Britain and founded the National Rifle Association to “promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis.” For help, they turned to the experts. The NRA sent emissaries to Canada, Germany, and England to confer with expert marksmen and military thinkers, and Canadian rifle shooters were soon helping to instruct the NRA’s members. In 1872, when the NRA started building the first rifle range in the United States at Creedmoor on Long Island, they enlisted the assistance of their Canadian counterparts. Even when it comes to the NRA, we can blame Canada. — The Star

If those uppity Canadians and Brits don’t approve of American gun culture, they should take a good long look in the mirror. They helped establish it. And if the American left doesn’t like it, they should realize that William Conant Church, the NRA’s co-founder was a Washington correspondent for the New York Times in 1861-62.

To sum up, why does what’s happening in Canada’s gun culture matter in America?

Because changes in the law will flow outward from the general will of the people — and if the left can convince enough Americans that gun ownership is a net negative that should be done away with for the common good, they will do everything they can to drag us there kicking and screaming.

It’s the same strategy they are employing with electric vehicles. Make compliance easy and non-compliance hard. Like the city counselors in California who outlawed the construction of new gas stations.

“We didn’t know what we were doing, actually,” said Petaluma Councilwoman D’Lynda Fischer, who led the charge last year to prohibit new gas stations in the city of 60,000. “We didn’t know we were the first in the world when we banned gas stations.” — LA Times

Here’s the GOOD news.

This math cuts both ways. As this article reminds us, there was a time when Americans were poorly armed and ill-trained. That is no longer the case. Culture changed in the patriots’ favor.

Patriots with an eye to defending what had been built here saw to that. And patriots who did NOT buy into the anti-gun culture came to the rescue of our British brothers when they were looking nervously across the English Channel at a menacing Nazi Juggernaught, and sent a few thousand rifles

The real lesson to be learned here is that there is work to be done, in persuading the generations that come after us why we defend the rights we claim to cherish.

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