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DeSantis Met Charlie Crist On The Debate Stage … And Tore Him To Pieces (VIDEO)

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Charlie Crist enjoys making comparisons to Jesus, but the only thing we can see that they have in common was — being publicly executed.

The whole thing is here, if you would like to see it…

For those of you pressed for time, the Desantis War Room account has some one-stop shopping for a whole string of clips with DeSantis twisting the knife.

Here are a few of our favorite quips.

The way the debate was going to unfold was clear after the very first question when the candidates were asked about affordable housing. What did Crist do? He went straight to abortion talking about Desantis’ position on abortion — running out of time to answer the actual question almost before he pivoted to it.


‘Of course not. It’s inappropriate to do this for minors, and in Florida, we are not going to allow that to happen.’

Crist tried to make a personal attack claiming DeSantis was divisive. The Governor dropkicked Charlie with his own ‘hate in your heart’ statement.

For bonus points, he did so while also highlighting all the various groups that had endorsed him. That was a nice touch. Not only did it list the various groups that had supported DeSantis to the ordinary voter who might not know, (‘social proof’), but made Crist out to be AGAINST all of those same groups.

Crist also tried to play the ‘how can he be Florida’s governor if he’s going to ditch the job and run for President in 2024’ angle. Even Charlie couldn’t help but smile at the quick reply Ron came back with.

‘The only worn-out old donkey he wants to put out to pasture…’


The political chameleon got hammered for his policy flip-flops:  ‘used to be, six parties ago’.

The coup-de-grace was when Ron called Charlie out on his record. He’s pulling in well over $100k, while only showing up to DC for work on 14 days.

The War Room wasn’t done, either.

They leveraged the moderator’s opening statements and Charlie’s special request for a personal fan before the debate began into a well-executed meme.

The media was a dumpster fire, as usual.

One of the online bios for this Pete Dominick guy says, ‘regular contributor to MSNBC’ … because of course it does.

And the cherry on top came the next day when an open letter from Charlie Crist’s former colleagues (names and some titles included) came out in support of Ron Desantis’ re-election.

The top lines have people with fancy titles, so we’ll give you the screenshot for a closer look:

Poor Charlie.

And on top of everything else? Charlie’s October surprise came in the form of having to fire his Campaign Manager. Here’s why:

The campaign manager for Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist has been dismissed after being arrested earlier this week in Maryland on a domestic violence charge, according to court records reviewed by CBS News.
…According to Maryland court records, 43-year-old Austin Durrer was arrested Oct. 18 on a count of second-degree assault for domestic violence. He was booked and released on $10,000 bail.
He was listed as a complainant in a court record for Jacqueline Whisman, who was also charged with second-degree assault. Records for the two show the same home address.
Crist campaign spokesperson Samantha Ramirez told CBS News in a statement that Durrer was “dismissed as soon as the campaign learned of this situation.” –CBS

Don’t feel bad, Charlie. In two weeks, it will all be over for you.

Except for the crying. We can make no assurances about how long that will drag on for you.

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