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WATCH: Clueless Joe Bungles New UK Prime Minister’s Name — Isn’t That Considered Racist?

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You know that if Biden had an “R” after his name, he would be denounced as racist and it would be garnering headlines for a week.

The “fake news” isn’t just how things are covered, but also what is covered.

The Regime Media constantly painted President Donald Trump as a racist, xenophobic bigot. It didn’t matter what the context or truth was — they had a narrative.

Meanwhile, Joe “You Ain’t Black” Biden, who “admired” a former KKK recruiter who brought the Klan to West Virginia so much that he spoke at his funeral, bragged about working with segregationists, and constantly tosses out racist statements in appearances isn’t called out on it. If he is, it’s a news blip that disappears and is quickly forgotten.

Joe Biden has a very long history of racist comments.

Well, he did it again, and hardly anyone even noticed.

After the incredibly short-lived leadership of Liz Truss, the United Kingdom has a new Prime Minister — the third one in 2 months.

New British PM, Liz Truss, Resigns After 45 Days … Here’s What Happened

On Tuesday, it was announced that Rishi Sunak, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer (basically, he controlled the government’s purse strings,) — likely the second most powerful position in the U.K. government — has been selected as leader of the Conservative Party and is, therefore, the new Prime Minister.

Of course, the Democrats couldn’t help but note the “historic” event since Rishi Sunak has brown skin.

In his Clueless Joe way, President Biden manages to slag the Conservatives in the U.K. for not being diverse enough (even though there are a number of prominent non-white members of the party) while also showing how he doesn’t even care enough to get the name of world leader correct.

In celebrating the “historic” win of a man of Indian heritage, Biden screwed up his name calling Rishi Sunak “Rashid Sanook”.

At least whoever composes his tweets got it right.

They must not have had time to write out “REE-SHEE SOO-NAK” on the card for him.

This is actually quite an embarrassing gaffe.

Normally, this kind of flub from a world leader would have made headlines everywhere. This is the United Kingdom — a pretty big player on the world stage, as well as a close ally. But this is Joe Biden and he does this sort of thing all the time, so it’s not even news.

“Ah, that’s just ol’ Gaffe Machine Joe!” dismisses the media.

But that just doesn’t cut it.

Normal people have questions about this.

Biden likely met Sunak during one of his European visits. Did Dementia Joe just not remember his name?

Did Biden and his staff not bother to pay attention to who was going to be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

Why did Biden choose to acknowledge Rishi Sunak being selected by his party, but not Giorgia Meloni’s electoral win in Italy? That was also historic. We all know why that is — acknowledging Sunak as PM is a way to take a cheap shot at Conservatives for being “racist” without overtly calling them racist.

It still astounds me as a visible minority right-winger, how old white libs like Biden and Pelosi can continue in 2022 to insist that the conservative movement isn’t diverse and get away with it. It’s beyond comprehension.

These are the same people that will claim that Larry Elder is the “black face of white supremacy” or that you’re a “race traitor” if you don’t support leftist policies.

To many leftists, your race should influence your political views and your party affiliation. That’s completely asinine… because it’s racist.

Joe Biden won’t be called racist in the Media for flubbing Rishi Sunak’s name or thinking it’s funny or ironic that he’s a brown-skinned right-winger. He should be, but he won’t.

That’ll just slide under the radar because he has that magic “D” after his name.

The invisible mystical talisman against criticism is true for all leftwingers.

Lib Twitter bots were lambasting some on the right and decrying them as “racist” for not spelling Ketanji Brown Jackson’s name correctly when Biden nominated her to SCOTUS… but a tweet from the White House Press Secretary (it was Jen Psaki at the time) misspelled it in a quote tweet that included an image announcement with Judge Jackson’s name in big, bold letters.

Do I think that Joe Biden is a vitriol-spitting racist? Not exactly. He does spit a lot of vitriol, but that’s because he’s always been a nasty politician. I think he’s a more insidious kind of racist — the Liberal “White Knight” kind of racist that thinks that some racial groups need “help” from the government and/or rich, white liberals in order to be successful.

It’s the kind of racism that demands standards be lowered for certain racial groups for college admittance and raised for others.

It’s the kind of bigotry that Biden showed when he was talking about Obama as bright, articulate, and clean.

This is who he is. This is who he has always been. This is likely who he will be for whatever time he has left on this blue pebble.

The Praetorian Guard press just lets it all pass because he’s their guy (for now) and when the time comes, they’ll turn on him. That’s who they are.

They’re both disgusting.

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