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EPIC FAIL: Biden’s Massive OPEC Faceplant Leaves Him Scrambling To Solve It

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The impact of Biden’s hostility to the energy sector is mirroring what’s happening with Europe. But instead of reliance on Russia, Biden’s problem is OPEC.

Just recently, Joe was patting himself on the back for a slight drop in prices at the pump. Now, with OPEC’s production announcement, they’re on the way up again.

Don’t worry though, Biden is on the job. He’s brimming with confidence. He was caught on a hot mic just this week saying ‘you don’t f**k with a Biden’. Unfortunately for Joe, the Saudis and the rest of OPEC never got that memo.

Joe was begging them to ramp up production to solve his (entirely self-inflicted) energy supply issues here at home.

Here is what was being projected before the latest OPEC meeting.

OPEC+ will consider an oil output cut of more than a million barrels per day (bpd) next week, OPEC sources said on Sunday, in what would be the biggest move yet since the Covid-19 pandemic to address oil market weakness. –NBC, Oct 2

Then OPEC met on the 5th and announced there had been a change in plan.

The OPEC+ alliance announced Wednesday that it will cut oil production by 2 million barrels a day, a move that’s likely to send gas prices higher again after a year of tumult at the pump.
…It represents the largest cut in production since the start of the pandemic.
In a statement, the Biden administration said it was disappointed in the decision, calling it “shortsighted” in light of global energy prices already lifted higher by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
“At a time when maintaining global supply of energy is of paramount importance, this development will have the most negative impact on lower- and middle-income countries that are already reeling from elevated energy prices,” it said.

‘Shortsighted’, Joe?

‘Lower-and-middle income’, Joe?

‘Reeling from elevated energy prices’, Joe?

This IS the dystopia you have been engineering from the very first day your Gaia-worshipping flunkies put a stack of Executive Orders on your desk for your signature.

The Strategic Oil Reserve

Every time energy prices went higher, Biden’s people laughed it off and said how much better their lives would be if only they drove a sparky car. The pain was the point. Higher prices were the leverage the left would use to strongarm us all into complying with their battery-powered dystopia.

Joe tried to hide the ball by sacrificing our national security on the altar of political expediency. With midterms looming and gas prices likely to cost his party the gavel in the House and possibly the Senate, Biden started draining our national reserves to levels not seen since the original Star Wars trilogy came out.

The White House Press Secretary was asked if this administration would be tapping the oil reserves yet again in response to OPEC’s cut. His spokesmuppet’s reply was: ‘we’re not considering new releases’.

The very next day, the White House announced another 10 Million barrels of oil will be coming out of the reserve.

The Biden administration accused members of the OPEC+ exporting cartel of siding with Russia — and announced the release of still more oil from America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve — after the group agreed to snub US outreach and collectively reduce oil production.
…Biden responded by abruptly announcing that he would release 10 million more barrels from the US strategic reserve next month to offset the cuts by OPEC+ that are likely to boost prices at the pump ahead of the Nov. 8 midterm elections.
“At the president’s direction, the Department of Energy will deliver another 10 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to the market next month,” the White House said in a statement, which also said “the Biden Administration will also consult with Congress on additional tools and authorities to reduce OPEC’s control over energy prices.”
— NYPost

Price manipulation is NOT what a ‘strategic reserve’ is designed for, Joe. Especially when it’s a cynical play to improve Democrat election chances in November.

Tom Cotton called him out for it on TV.

“Well, it’s called the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. It’s not the political petroleum reserve,” Cotton told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham Wednesday night.
“And the reason why they’re releasing this oil and gas, they recognize — even though they want gas to be at $5 a gallon — they recognize this is a unique pain point for most American families and they got to at least appear to be taking action 34 days before the election.
“That’s why they’re also blaming OPEC and blaming evil oil companies for trying to drive up the price of oil in this country, but that directly translates back to their own failed energy policies.”
— CNS News

Biden’s Failed Energy Policy

Under Trump, America finally achieved a goal it had been chasing for some 50 years: energy independence. The energy it took out of the ground exceed the amount America needed to sustain itself… and when oil prices plummeted during COVID, he took advantage of the drop to add even more to our stockpiles.

Now Joe Biden is squandering it, without so much as a ‘thank-you’ to Orange Man Bad. It’s a retelling of the old story of the ant and the grasshopper, with Joe Biden playing the role of the grasshopper.

Oil production is measured in thousands of barrels per day, and despite the soaring prices that would normally incentivize massive expansion of oil production to catch that wave (which in turn augments supply, putting downward pressure on prices), US oil production has stalled out.

We’re not even back up to Trump’s pre-pandemic numbers where America had finally achieved the status of being net exporters of oil and other energy products. This is critical for achieving energy independence and not giving leverate to countries whose interests might not align with our own that can be used against us.

A few of us are old enough to remember the 1970s energy crisis. That was OPEC holding a gun to our head. But we can all see Europe suffering the effects of putting all their ‘eggs’ in the basket of Russian energy … and scrambling to replace it now that Russia’s gone rogue.

Remember those Bush-era chants of ‘war for oil’? When we produce more than we need, oil is one resource that will not force our hand to get involved in a regional dispute that holds no genuine American interest.

(It might be a good idea to view China’s monopoly on critical components of ‘green’ energy with the same healthy skepticism that Europe failed to apply to Russian energy.)

Where do you go for solutions?

Whether the Eco-facists like to admit it or not, energy is literally the lifeblood of our economy. If our cities went dark, or if our farmers ran out of fuel, we’d all be in a world of hurt that might make the 1930s depression look like a cakewalk. It’s the kind of crisis that comes with a bodycount. Just think of how much food spoils when a grocery store goes without power for just a day or two. Now multiply that problem by tens of millions.

Yeah. Bad news. So going without power really isn’t an option.

Biden’s solution so far has been to go cap-in-hand to regimes like Maduro’s Venezuela, asking ‘please sir, could I have a barrel of oil’? Anything they give us will come with strings attached.

This is the price we must pay for being at the mercy of rogue nations.

There is another option. But Joe will never take it.

Unleash the might of the American Oil industry, bring down energy prices and keep the entire world from tumbling together off a precipice into a worldwide economic depression, and worse, global food scarcity at levels not seen in years.

We know what the right choice is.

And we can count on Joe being stubborn enough not to take it… unless we can force his hand.

Flipping the House and Senate could go a long way to doing exactly that.

This is the kind of dumbassery that inspires people to openly mock him. Some do it by chanting obsenities at football games.

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