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Fetterman Finally Took To The Debate Stage … Even The LEFT Called It Awful (VIDEO)

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If you’re unsure who the winners and losers of an event are, one quick way to find out is by looking for the side making excuses.

In the case of the debate between Oz and Fetterman, the Democrats have been making excuses, including blaming the tech.

That’s a pretty big clue.

Here are a couple of clips. See if you can make sense of them.

His reply to a fracking question he had to have known would be coming…

On the Supreme Court. Say whaaaaat?

When asked about where the Biden Administration has overspent, he ‘changed’ to the topic of inflation, as though the principal driver of inflation was anything OTHER than the Biden Administration flooding the economy with new dollars.

Either he didn’t understand the debate rules or he refused to abide by them during closing remarks…

Suddenly the glory boy of the left has stepped into the public eye and beyond the protections our media talking heads can offer him.

Even Chris Cuomo is asking questions the Dems don’t want us talking about…

And he’s interviewing people who saw the debate in person. People who were entirely underwhelmed by the Democrat candidates’ performance.

What one of the talking heads on CNN is reported as saying may sum it Fetterman’s debate performance the best:

The bar was set very low. It should’ve been set lower.

Clay Travis reminds us all that he went through a primary AFTER the stroke was announced. Dems COULD have fielded a different candidate. They chose the radical who had just suffered a brain bleed.

Any criticism of this candidate needs to be seen in light of the fact that the Democrats KNEW about this issue. He didn’t drop out, and Dems didn’t elect the other guy.

The people who really have some explaining to do are the ‘journalists’ who insisted, just days ago, that Fetterman is really as sharp as a tack, and anyone who says differently is a big poopie-head.

(Ok, that MIGHT be a paraphrase.)

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