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HEARTWARMING: Family Transformed By The Pro-Life Words Of Man SWATTED By Biden’s FBI (VIDEO)

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One young couple was about to step through the door to Planned Parenthood when a kind voice showed them another way. They took it and are so grateful for his help.

Jadda and Markeem tell the story of how a stranger’s kind words of encouragement and support saved the life of their daughter Nevaeh.

If you ask Biden’s FBI, or abortion activists on social media who Mark Houck is, they will spin a story of some kind of a frothing-at-the-mouth menace standing in the way between desperate young women and life-saving health care. They will smile approvingly as they tell you that a dozen or more armed feds surrounded his family home in an early-morning raid, guns drawn.

GUNS DRAWN: Biden’s FBI Raids Pro-Life Advocate’s Home — Traumatizing Children

They will NOT tell you that he has no criminal record, or that a judge had already thrown the complaint against him out of court. Or that Houck had gotten wind of the investigation and had reached out to the FBI with an offer to cooperate with their investigation.

Nor will they tell you that the same FACE Act that Biden’s FBI has used to similarly charge 11 other pro-life activists protects pro-LIFE institutions that have been the explicit target of pro-abortion activist calls for firebombings, vandalism and other violent acts. The FBI has, so far, not arrested anyone in connection with these crimes against pro-life institutions.

Fortunately for us, we don’t have to rely on rabid proponents of abortion like Bidens’ FBI to know what kind of a person Mark is.

We can hear the story of a young couple who were just a few steps away from making a decision at Planned Parenthood that would have taken their lives in a very different direction. But Mark threw them the lifeline they needed when he told them ‘you don’t have to do this’.

Since the decision they were about to make was being driven by a whirlwind of emotions ranging from fear and desperation to shame for finding themselves in this difficult situation, this was a message of hope.

The anti-life activists’ assumption about people like Mark is that they have a message of guilt and condemnation. The fact is, he gave them a way to get beyond the guilt and condemnation they were already feeling for being in the situation they were in.

Here are Jadda and Markeem, in their own words.

“He was just really trying to get to know us on a deeper level” rather than only focusing on whether or not they went through with the abortion, she explained. “And that’s another reason why we was like real easy and quick to open up to him, because it wasn’t like a judgment thing at all. He was really like digging deep.”
Markeem explained how Mark gave them great confidence in their ability to give birth to their daughter and the support that he and the pro-life community in Philadelphia could provide them.
“He made us feel like ‘we got it,’” he said, “like ‘you’re good people.’ And he was right. He opened my eyes to a lot of stuff.”
“Thank God” Mark was there, he continued, “because she [Nevaeh] wouldn’t be here. We probably wouldn’t be together, I probably wouldn’t be here living on my own.”
— LifeSiteNews

The next time some Democrat politician works up a sweat denouncing people like Mark, you might ask yourself — what’s really driving that message?

Is it love and compassion for people like Jadda and Markeem?

Or are they just responding to the fact that Planned Parenthood gives them untold millions of dollars to stay in power and people like Mark cut into Planned Parenthood’s bottom line?

Who’s REALLY being motivated by love and compassion, and who’s motivated by lobbying money?

The world could use more people like Mark.

This can help.

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Wes Walker

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