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HERO STUFF: Bro Jumps On Grizzly To Save His Buddy From Fatal Mauling

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We get so used to the safety of living in a community that it’s easy to forget that, out in the wild, we are on the menu just like anything else.

A few buddies on a wrestling team went for a walk in the woods, looking for antlers. They found a bear, instead. The bear was NOT happy to see them.

Kendell Cummings of Evanston and Brady Lowry of Cedar City, Utah were in the Shoshone National Forest. They had become separated from their buddies August Harrison and Orrin Jackson when they happened to notice what they thought might be bear scat on the ground.

That’s when a grizzly popped up out of nowhere and rushed Brady Lowry.

“Before you could even think or blink, there’s a bear that came running out of the trees right in front of me,” said Lowry, who was attacked first. “It was beating me up pretty good.”
He suffered a broken arm that required six screws and bolts and was bitten in the right thigh. He eventually curled up in a ball during the attack. Seeing his friend in danger, Cummings yelled and then grabbed the bear before being chased by the animal itself.
Lowry then called 911 and yelled at Harrison and Jackson for help. Harrison said he went up a hill and spotted Cummings who was on his way down and obviously injured.
“He was just drenched in blood coming down the hill everywhere,” Harrison told Fox News. “Me and Orrin took turns carrying him down to the bottom where the field was.”
The group flagged down first responders who arrived at the scene a short time later. Cummings was air-lifted to a hospital and Lowry was taken to a local hospital via ambulance, their wrestling coach Jim Zeigler told Fox News. Both eventually ended up at a trauma center in Billings, Montana.

The boys had taken a pretty good pounding from the grizzly and were fortunate to escape with their lives. Sadly, many do not live to tell the tale of a grizzly attack.

This photo gives some sense of Kendall’s injuries. The damage to his face was pixelated in the original, but you can still get a sense of how seriously he was hurt.

‘There’s real serious puncture holes and wounds. He took a lot of staples to his head and also (there’s) some cosmetic surgery for his cheek,’ wrestling coach Jim Zeigler said said. ‘Neither one of them are going to be wrestling for a while.’
Cummings received 60 staples in his head and plastic surgery to address major lacerations to his face. He had major lacerations to his left arm and leg that doctors had to suture up, together with stitches on his right hand and right leg.
Lowry suffered a broken arm and lacerations to his back, shoulders, right leg and thigh.
‘For [Harrison and Jackson], there’s a lot of emotional trauma. I don’t think we can even begin to describe what went on there with them having to go and rescue a kid, bring him out and carry him out,’ Zeigler added of the rescuing pair.
— DailyMail

They knew the woods and had gone out looking for antlers ‘many times before’. But nature doesn’t play fair, and given the chance, predators will do what predators do.

If you’re going to be playing around in an apex predator’s backyard, be smart about it.

First, understand the risks.
Second, have some way of defending yourself, a gun if possible. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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