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Hey Dems: Iran Has Added Kurdish Protesters To Their Violent Crackdowns … Do You Care?

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They seldom miss an opportunity to denounce the Saudis, but where is the Democrat outrage against Iran’s laundry list of atrocities?

Joe likes to talk tough about Saudi Arabia…

We’ve all watched a sad drama unfold between Joe Biden and the Saudis. Joe talked tough about Riyad’s treatment of a particular journalist, which led to his public denunciations of the Saudis as a ‘pariah state’.

Certain American military support was pulled, making them vulnerable to attack. Relations with the Saudis were tense — Biden’s phone calls were even going unanswered at one point.

When Joe Biden asked Saudis to increase global oil production, it was leaked that OPEC+ would CUT it by 1 million barrels a day. When Biden complained about that figure, they doubled it. Suffice it to say that had Biden left our own production levels as they were, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

“We believe by the decision that OPEC+ made last week, (Saudi Arabia is) certainly aligning themselves with Russia,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said during a Tuesday briefing. “And right now, this is not the time to be aligning with Russia, especially with this brutal, unprecedented war that they started in Ukraine.” — FoxNews

“I think the president’s been very clear that this is a relationship that we need to continue to reevaluate, that we need to be willing to revisit,” White House spokesman John Kirby said in an interview with CNN. “And certainly in light of the OPEC decision, I think that’s where he is.” — ABC News

Democrats are lining up behind him, ready to slap sanctions on the Saudis.

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Representative Ro Khanna of California introduced legislation that would immediately pause all U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia for one year.
This pause would also halt sales of spare and repair parts, support services and logistical support.
But it remains to be seen how far Biden is willing to go in showing his displeasure with the Saudis, a vital but complicated ally in the Middle East. Biden came into office vowing to recalibrate the U.S. relationship because of Saudi Arabia’s human rights record but then paid a visit to the kingdom earlier this year.
— DailyMail

Where is Joe’s toughness when it comes to Iran?

If cutting oil production was ‘siding with Russia’ in Putin’s war against Ukraine, what would you call the country that’s been supplying Putin with the drones Russia has been using to target civilians?

Had Iran not supplied Putin with drones, would Russia have had the tools to even commit this atrocity?

Russian forces showered Ukraine with more missiles and munition-carrying drones Tuesday after widespread strikes killed at least 19 people in an attack the U.N. human rights office described as “particularly shocking” and amounting to potential war crimes.
Air raid warnings sounded throughout Ukraine for a second straight morning as officials advised residents to conserve energy and stock up on water. The strikes have knocked out power across the country and pierced the relative calm that had returned to Kyiv and many other cities far from the war’s front lines.

Biden wants Saudi Arabia to be a ‘pariah state’ because they murdered a reporter.

Mexican cartels murder reporters all the time, but he never says anything about that. He doesn’t even limit their dizzying income streams by asserting US control over our border. But that’s beyond the scope of this article. Let’s stick to Iran.

Biden wants to hold Saudi Arabia to account for human rights violations — Iran has a few of it’s own.

There’s the small matter of Iran being the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism… meaning he’s literally striking deals with terrorists.

We’ve mentioned Iran’s cozy relationship with Russia, including selling Putin the military hardware he needs to prolong his invasion of Ukraine.

Civilian women are risking death and imprisonment by protesting their government’s morality police after a young woman was killed for having some of her hair exposed. The protests are snowballing.

Three weeks of nationwide protests against the treatment of women and government repression followed, with close to 100 deaths reported during the ensuing police crackdown.
“For decades, Iran’s regime has denied fundamental freedoms to its people and suppressed the aspirations of successive generations through intimidation, coercion and violence,” Mr Biden said.
“The United States stands with Iranian women and all the citizens of Iran who are inspiring the world with their bravery.”
— TheNationalNews

To his credit, that’s futher than Obama ever went in condemning Iran. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Hengaw is a human rights group raising an alarm about Iran’s crackdown on the Kurds.

Hengaw reported on Tuesday that over the past three days protests had taken place in 10 areas of Kurdistan, Kermanshah and West Azerbaijan provinces, with Sanandaj the epicentre of the unrest and the crackdown by authorities.
The Norway-based group posted videos which it said showed intense clashes between protesters and security forces in the city on Monday night. Repeated gunfire can be heard in the footage, as well as cries and shouts.
…According to Hengaw, other footage showed a crowd coming under attack, empty bullet cases, shotgun cartridges and tear-gas canisters left on the streets, and security personnel shooting directly towards homes.
…At least 185 people, including 19 children, have been killed by security forces since the protests erupted on 17 September, according to Iran Human Rights, another Norway-based group.

If supplying Putin’s war effort wasn’t bad enough; if bankrolling international terror groups weren’t reason enough; if attacking their own civilians weren’t reason enough — if Iran’s central role in the death and dismemeberment of all those Americans whose names are allegedly in Joe Biden’s jacket pocket weren’t reason enough.. here’s one more.

What about when Iran shot down Iran Air flight 665?

A judge in Ontario has ruled that Iran intentionally shot down a passenger airliner in January 2020 causing the deaths of 176 people including dozens of Canadians.
The decision adds judicial weight to allegations that the crash of the Ukrainian International Airlines plane, shortly after it departed Tehran for Kiev, was not an accident.

Ironically, that too resulted in Ukranian casualties.

Iran is consistently a worse offender than the Saudis. So why are we so much tougher on Riyad than we are on Tehran?

Something here just isn’t adding up.

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