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It Only Takes 3 Minutes For Black Pastor To Blast Biden’s ‘Accomplishments’ To Oblivion

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It wasn’t hard either, all this pastor had to do was compare life under Biden to what it was like just before he was sworn in.

There is a video clip going around the internet of a pastor speaking very plainly to his congregation during a service.

Whoever he is, he is clearly not one of those Christian leaders too afraid to talk about ‘touchy’ topics. He’s showing the direct cause-and-effect relationship of electing certain people into office and the policies they push.

He’s talking about policy decisions that not only makes life more difficult for ordinary people, but that change culture in ways openly hostile to traditional, orthodox Christian values.

It’s about ‘Kingdom’, he says. And he makes a pretty good case for it, too, in just three minutes.

He doesn’t have to raise his voice, get excited, or use fancy rhetorical flourishes like a Jessie Jackson clone. All he did was compare life from a year ago to life now in a few very specific metrics that every ordinary person present could relate to.

‘Our nation’s going backward.’

He hit on gas prices that were $2/gallon a year ago and aren’t anymore.
Because of Biden’s decisions.

“Two million people have crossed our borders from Mexico. *groan* ‘now he getting political’ — No… Kingdom. Screwed it up.”

Then he dropped some powerful facts about what exactly these people are getting and who’s paying for it that you won’t see in your typical newspaper. He made a point to bring THAT detail up, too.

How do you know he’s fearless in the pulpit in the way that men of God were called to be when delivering the Word of God?

He didn’t shrink back from the secular left’s current cultural hobbyhorse… men competing against female athletes in sporting events. He wasn’t afraid to call them men, either.

The signage behind the speaker identifies the venue as ‘Embassies of Christ’.

This may correspond to the Embassies of Christ church in Gary Indiana. The speaker isn’t identified in the clip, but the Embassies of Christ website identifies Dr. Cedric Oliver as the leadership there. The video quality on this clip isn’t great, but he may be the speaker in this clip.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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