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DeSantis BLASTS Hurricane Looters — Criminal Aliens ‘Should Be Sent Back To Home Country’

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The left gets really upset when conservatives ask one simple question: if someone’s first act in entering the country was lawless, what assurance do we have that our other laws will be obeyed?

If you ever ask a lib that question, watch them pivot away from that one, to flip it somewhere else. They’ll switch topics to the broken immigration system, some sort of a convenient statistic about how illegals are more law-abiding than other groups, or you the questioner being obviously a ‘bigot’ for even bringing it up.

What they will NOT do is admit they have no way of countering the fact that it took a violation of US law for them to enter the country in the first place. They said ally-ally-oxenfree asylum, and that means the fact that they paid thousands to criminal cartels so they could be smuggled into America ‘doesn’t count’.

Situations will show us what a person is made of … including them.

If you want to really see what someone is made of, put them in an extraordinary situation. In a crisis, you will see ordinary people step up and be heroes or — as we tragically learned in a couple of school shooting situations — you will see those who are obligated to step up play the coward.

Another situation that will expose people’s true nature is when chaos erupts and you have an opportunity to act anonymously. That’s what happened when we saw whole cities burn in 2020 with nobody to intervene. And it’s what we sometimes see after a natural disaster.

DeSantis held an hour-long presser to bring concerned citizens up to speed with how the disaster relief project has been moving. He covered questions about infrastructure, food supplies, water treatment, search and rescue, insurance help, and reestablishing communications like the internet and cellphones. All the sorts of topics you might expect.

In the Q&A portion that followed, DeSantis was asked a question about forcibly removing people who were here illegally. He laid the issue at Biden’s feet not only by referencing several hurricane looters who were not legally in the country, but also by the funeral of a Sheriff’s deputy he would be attending in Tampa. That Sheriff was killed by a twice-deported illegal alien here from Central America.

If you want to skip ahead to the part where he’s talking about the immigration issue, that begins here:

Here’s the story about the Sheriff’s Deputy…

A man arrested in the death of a Florida sheriff’s deputy was living in the United States illegally, sources told Fox News.
Juan Ariel Molina-Salles, 32, is charged with leaving the scene of an accident. The charge stems from the Thursday hit-and-run death of Pinellas County sheriff’s deputy Michael Hartwick, a 19-year veteran who left behind two adult sons.
Hartwick was working a traffic detail in a construction zone at night when Molina-Salles was driving a front loader that hit Hartwick, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said Friday. He said the driver of the vehicle was going “I think too fast.”
“He fled as he said because he became afraid after he killed the deputy, but he clearly knew he killed the deputy,” he said. –FoxNews

Here’s a little more about the looters DeSantis said should be sent back to their own country…

The four men were arrested on charges of burglary of an unoccupied structure during a state of emergency, according to online jail records.
The individuals, aged between 20 and 33, were booked for ransacking devastated homes and businesses on Fort Myers Beach while they suffered in the wake of the raging torrent.
All four looters were arrested on September 29 – but documents reveal that they were released after posting $35,000 bonds each.

Considering Florida is a Second-Amendment state, they should be glad that nobody shot them as looters.

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