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LMAO: Viral Video Of Five-Times Jabbed, COVID-Positive CDC Director Is Comedy GOLD

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The public health “experts” have been beclowning themselves for almost 3 years and it doesn’t look like it’ll stop anytime soon.

One of the biggest public health disinformation peddlers has been none other than the CDC Director Rochelle Walensky who has pushed the jabs — even on kids — and insisted that masking and the other “mitigation measures” work well to stop the spread of this airborne virus.

On Saturday, it was reported that the 5-times vaxxed Walensky has tested positive for the ‘Rona just a month after getting the bivalent jab.

Walensky is a big Jab Pusher — she’s always on some lefty news outlet telling everyone how “safe and effective” the mRNA shots are and encouraging people to roll up their sleeves and stay “up to date” with the COVID vax — because if Pfizer and Moderna have their way, you’ll never be “fully vaccinated” ever again.

This meme video takes clips of Walensky and shows just how much of a clown she became shilling for Big Pharma pushing these ‘Rona jabs.

This inability of “experts” like Walensky to admit that they were wrong about anything at all during COVID has had devastating effects on the general public’s ability to trust public health. That could have some serious consequences going forward, but the “experts” have no one to blame but themselves.

They pushed these jabs as miracle shots that would end the pandemic when they weren’t even tested on their ability to prevent transmission.

WATCH: Never Forget What The COVIDictators Did… Because They WILL Do It Again

Studies have shown that previous mRNA shots took about two weeks to provide protection and it wanes somewhere between 90 – 180 days. Walensky contracting COVID after just 4 weeks means the jab was likely at the peak of its efficacy.

So, how much protection from this respiratory virus is it actually providing?

As a seemingly healthy 53-year-old, does Walensky even need it?

A new pre-print study from earlier this month shows that the pre-vax survival rate of COVID is much higher than we had thought it was.

But they’re still pushing those jabs.

Last week, Walensky’s CDC voted unanimously to add the COVID jabs to the 2023 adult and childhood immunization schedules.

COVIDictators: CDC Panel Votes Unanimously To Add ‘The Jab’ To Children Immunity Guidelines

In other, unrelated news, Pfizer announced that they planned to charge between $110-$130 per dose for their mRNA shots.

The COVID Industrial Complex needs to be dismantled.

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