New ‘Who Is Ron DeSantis?’ Ad Is Pure GOLD (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on October 14, 2022

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Team DeSantis is knocking it out of the park with its campaign ads.

Many times, right-wingers are good at some things and bad at others — generally speaking, they’re good at presenting data and solutions, but not so great at narrative or making the ads memorable… POTUS 45 was an exception to that rule.

It’s the same with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. His team has managed to create compelling, memorable ads that carry a conservative message.

Who can forget “Top Gov”?

‘TOP GOV’: DeSantis’s Awesome New Political Ad Kicks Media Where It Hurts

But being governor isn’t all about kicking ass and taking names. It’s about service as well as leadership.

A new ad released this week has Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis narrating and painting a very human picture of her husband.

This one is very clearly aimed at women.


This is what right-wingers need to do more of.

It’s all good and well to put up ads that list statistics or show how badass a candidate is, but that’s not going to resonate with a lot of women and they’re needed to win elections.

Unfortunately, too many women don’t vote with their head, they vote with their heart. This ad really pulls at the heartstrings.

It shows DeSantis as a caring husband and an engaged dad who was there for his wife at a time in her life when she was at her lowest point.

So, when the ghoulish blue checks on Twitter who wished death on Florida’s First Lady rail against “DeathSantis” for his “lack of compassion” or whatever… maybe remind them that he took care of his wife and kids while she was undergoing cancer treatment and he still managed to run the state.

Team DeSantis is doing a great job balancing the messaging to both men and women.

Some other ads of note are “Freedom is Here to Stay” and “Dear Governor” which strike very different tones.

It’s argued that the best ad of the 2022 election cycle is this one also by Team DeSantis:

No wonder the Dems hate the guy so much — he’s not just doing a bang-up job as Governor and managing to grab headlines on major issues affecting the entire country, he’s also got a great team behind him producing incredible ads.

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