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Nutty Boston Globe Contributor Says That She Had Her First ‘Abortion’ At Age 11 … But Has Never Been Pregnant

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Being pregnant is sort of a prerequisite to having an abortion. If it isn’t, then what is being aborted?

The left’s deconstructionist worldview that redefines words on the fly is why we can’t have a rational conversation about real issues anymore.

We all know what the issue of abortion is — a woman choosing to terminate a child in the womb instead of allowing pregnancy to continue naturally.

The pro-aborts are redefining what abortion is in order to astroturf a bigger tent that is “pro-woman” or whatever euphemism they’re using to not say “slaughtering babies in the womb”.

Boston Globe contributor Lora-Ellen McKinney claims that beginning at age 11, she’s undergone several “abortions” to treat a rare medical condition that she suffers from… but she also says that she’s never been pregnant.

If you find that confusing, you’re not alone. McKinney is conflating a Dilation and Curettage — commonly called a D&C — a medical procedure that is used in abortion procedures as well as to treat other uterine problems, with abortion itself.

McKinney explains that she would routinely experience excessively heavy menstrual periods due to an extremely rare genetic condition called Vascular Ehlers-Danlos. According to McKinney, Vascular Ehlers-Danlos is a connective tissue disorder and one of the symptoms is “frequent and potentially fatal bleeding.”

“On other occasions, blood vessels would snap into hemorrhages, sending me to the hospital for surgical intervention to tie off the bleeder,” she writes about her condition. “On other occasions, I was given injections to staunch the bleeding and rebalance my hormones.”

She adds, “The abortions were my treatments.”

No, no they weren’t.

That’s because McKinney never had an abortion. Not even one.

Follow-up tweets in the thread by The Emancipator simultaneously show how disingenuous McKinney is being in her conflation of a D&C with abortion while attempting to reinforce the pro-abort narrative that abortion is “healthcare.”

This is all just noise and partisan hackery. She says as much in her piece in her framing of the issue.

McKinney admits in her article that the D&C procedures she had undergone did not terminate a pregnancy, but were used to diagnose and treat her rare genetic condition.

The approximately seven dilation and curettage (D&C) procedures performed on me by a pediatric gynecologist were used to diagnose and treat my uterine conditions. D&C, which involves removing the uterine lining, also happens to be a method of terminating a pregnancy. In concert with hormone shots, uterine packing, and birth-control pills, my D&Cs were mostly used to remove tissue overgrowths from my uterus, control uterine polyps, and to diagnose a precancerous condition called endometrial intraepithelial hyperplasia, in which the lining of the uterus becomes overly thick…
…Were I a young girl in most of the United States today, there would likely not be a pediatric gynecologist to treat my unusual, specific, and critical medical needs. Nor would I be allowed the procedures required to keep my challenged uterus healthy. This is because my treatments as dictated by doctors have now been politicized and miscast as something they are not.
I would have bled to death when I was 11.
Source: The Emancipator

No one is trying to ban all D&Cs — which my Mother-in-Law, a retired Registered Nurse refers to as a “Dusting & Cleaning” — for all patients. They are necessary medical procedures that can, and do, save lives. The fact that they’re also used during an abortion to remove fetal and placental tissue does not mean that it is an abortion.

The Mayo Clinic says that a D&C can be performed to diagnose or treat several uterine conditions such as:

  • Prevent infection or heavy bleeding by clearing tissues that remain in the uterus after a miscarriage or abortion
  • Remove a tumor that forms instead of a typical pregnancy (molar pregnancy)
  • Treat excessive bleeding after delivery by clearing out any placenta that remains in the uterus
  • Remove cervical or uterine polyps, which are usually noncancerous (benign)

But if you listen to the pro-abort leftists, those are all “abortions” even though there is no new life present let alone was there even a need for a choice to be made to terminate that life.

While McKinney insists that “she would have died” if Roe had been overturned when she was a child, this talking point by the pro-aborts that pro-lifers want all procedures related to abortion eliminated was debunked by none other than the New York Times and the Washington Post — hardly right-wing news outlets.

In a July 17 piece detailing how some women who suffered miscarriages were not given proper care after Roe was overturned, the NYTimes quoted pro-life activist John Seago who said that it’s the fault of the medical establishment for not being clear on what is and is not an abortion.

John Seago, the president of Texas Right to Life, said he considers any obstacles miscarriage patients encounter to be “very serious situations.” He blamed such problems on “a breakdown in communication of the law, not the law itself,” adding “I have seen reports of doctors being confused, but that is a failure of our medical associations” to provide clear guidance.
Source: New York Times

Similarly, the Washington Post quoted another pro-life advocate, Eric Scheidler, who said unequivocally that treatments for ectopic pregnancies and D&Cs for miscarriages would not be outlawed. Sheidler even called B.S. on the stupid narrative being pushed by the pro-aborts.

Antiabortion groups such as Live Action and say that overturning Roe v. Wade does not stop doctors from treating ectopic pregnancies or miscarriages.
“Those procedures would remain legal and would not be considered abortion,” said Eric Scheidler, executive director of the nonprofit Pro-Life Action League. “No physician can claim not to know that.”
Source: Washington Post

Just like WaPo, McKinney is derisive of the pro-life view by mocking pro-lifers for speaking for the unborn child who has no voice and paints the pro-abortion view as the compassionate one.

In our present conversations, so-called pro-life beliefs are synonymous with anti-abortion views with a primary concern on the attribution of life to the fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus. The pro-choice movement reflects a belief that everyone has the right to decide when to have children and increasingly understands broadening data regarding the difficulty of this choice for poor women, women of color, and other people capable of pregnancy.
A healthy American future requires that concerns related to abortion are better focused on family planning, healthy fetal viability, affordable housing, food access, childcare, well-paid work, and equitable healthcare access to create healthy and well-resourced communities.
Source: The Emancipator

McKinney advocates for a host of things that sound right in line with the left’s Nanny-state dreams — “affordable housing, food access, childcare, well-paid work, and equitable healthcare access” — while also invoking the “difficulties” faced by “poor women, women of color, and other people capable of pregnancy.” Clearly a nod to the men who can suddenly get pregnant in 2022.

McKinney says that there should be a focus on “healthy fetal viability” which is a remarkably pro-life position for a woman that doesn’t seem to understand that a medical procedure to remove excess uterine tissue isn’t an abortion because a life has not been terminated.

This is why we can’t even have conversations with the Left now — a D&C is an “abortion”, a riot is an “insurrection” (but only if right-wingers do it), and a dude in a dress is a “woman”.

All they do is tilt at windmills.

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I’m beginning to think that the Left has completely lost touch with reality.

They could really do with some grounding. This would help, but I doubt that they’d read it.

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