Our Meme Of The Day Will Give Cancel Culture Creeps A Headache ‘THIS Big’…

Written by Wes Walker on October 18, 2022

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When Trump showed the left that our side could beat them at their own game and use the internet to bypass traditional gatekeepers, they vowed never to let that happen again.

Regular ClashDaily readers will know the story of how David Brock wrote a blueprint in Media Matters War Plan 2017 that loosed the Democrat machine into a seek-and-destroy mission aimed at wiping the political right off the internet.

Here’s the meme of the day:

Here’s the story behind it:

The left staged a hostile takeover of the internet

We saw the great purges of right-of-center voices, sites, and advertising that followed, all in the name of dealing with ‘misinformation’.

We saw how sitting President Donald Trump faced a coordinated attack on his internet presence in which he was shut down across ALL platforms — in a single day.

Infamously, when he looked at moving to free speech platform Parler, Amazon retaliated by pulling the rug out from under Parler’s entire platform by denying them the use of the webservers who had been hosting their platforms.

From that point forward, the hard-left cancel culture has been further emboldened. Their taunt — then and now — has been ‘if you don’t like the terms of service, build your own platform.

The Political Pariah Pushed back

That’s exactly what Trump did with Truth Social.

Trump, the political pariah owns Truth Social, which helped successfully launch a #1 song that was a stick in the eye of cancel culture itself. Country Star Proves You Can Hit #1 Without ANY Help From The Left (VIDEO)

Rumble has similarly emerged as a rival to YouTube.

A Renegade Billionaire Engineer Did the Unthinkable

Then Elon Musk changed the game. He went ahead and put an offer on the outright purchase of Twitter. A quick look at the panicked reaction of the blue-check cancel culture types shows how fragile they have become and how much they fear free speech.

The deal looked like it was going to fall through, and they became belligerent to dissent again… but it seems as though Elon is back on track to purchasing it.

On top of all that, a few critical lawsuits have produced email show just how cozy Big Tech has been with our Federal Government. Silicon Valley has been de-platforming people for ‘misinformation’ at the Government’s behest, and that is NOT something that even Section 130 has any power to shield them from in a court of law.

Now A Rapper Throws His Hat In The Ring

Kanye West has been making controversial statements again — nothing new there — and has been locked out of his social media accounts. How has he responded?

He announced his intention of buying Parler.

Parler’s Head of Policy and Legal, Amy Peikoff told Newsmax on Monday she was “pleasantly surprised” to learn rapper Kanye West, who now goes by “Ye,” was interested in buying the social media platform.
She is “excited” to see what that could mean with the musician.
“I found out about this only on Friday, and I told George Farmer, our CEO, ‘You know, I thought nothing could surprise me anymore,’ but this was, of course, a pleasant surprise, but a surprise,” Peikoff told Monday’s “American Agenda.” “At the same time, he’s an artist, and he’s a musician. So, one of the things I’m very excited about is that he’s going to bring to the platform a lot of nonpolitical content, not just politics anymore, so I’m very excited to see where it goes.”
— NewsMax

It’s amazing how quickly the world can change when someone is ready to step up, isn’t it?

Be that someone.

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