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HEART ATTACK: If Your Gamer Kid 7-16 Shows THIS Symptom, Get Him To A Heart Specialist … FAST

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As if Myocarditis wasn’t already enough of a problem for young lads to worry about, now studies tell us about a heart issue triggered by video games.

If your kid ever loses consciousness while playing video games, get him to the clinic, quick. It could be signaling a life-threatening issue.

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network just released a study showing that video games can trigger a dangerous irregular heart rhythm in susceptible children with an undiagnosed heart condition.

Australian researchers reviewed 69 reports on cardiovascular risks from electronic gaming, identifying 22 children and teens who lost consciousness while playing video games and experienced irregular heart rhythms and other heart complications.
Nineteen of the primarily male gamers, age 7-16, experienced ventricular arrhythmia, a severe abnormal heartbeat that can cause cardiac arrest. Six had heart attacks, and four died suddenly.
In a news release, lead investigator Claire M. Lawley, with The Heart Centre for Children in Sydney, Australia, pointed out the hidden dangers video games might pose.
“Video games may represent a serious risk to some children with arrhythmic conditions; they might be lethal in patients with predisposing, but often previously unrecognized arrhythmic conditions,” she said. “Children who suddenly lose consciousness while electronic gaming should be assessed by a heart specialist, as this could be the first sign of a serious heart problem.”
Of the 22 cases in the study who suffered heart problems, 86 percent were male and 14 percent were female.

The study made no mention of specific games or genres being played or whether it was the playing of video games generally, although these symptoms did seem to cluster around the conclusion of a game.

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