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PARKLAND SHOOTING: Public Learns Whether Killer Faces Death Penalty Or Life Sentence

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You know which SOB we are talking about; he shot Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School halfway to hell. We’ve been waiting to find out whether he’d get his ticket punched to go there himself.

Yesterday came the answer to the big question we’ve all been wondering: will the killer get a one-way ticket to Dante’s Easy-Bake, or will he be a burden on the government for the rest of his miserable life?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we’re looking at door number two here.

The killer’s lawyer offered his Fetal Alcohol syndrome from his hard-drinking mother, poor parenting, and untreated psychological needs as mitigating factors for why he should get life in prison rather than the death penalty… even though he was planning the attack 7 months in advance.

The jury did not come to a unanimous agreement on the death penalty, so that penalty was not handed down. Instead, he faces life in prison.

Family members of those he killed were understandably upset, and at least one predicted this verdict would only embolden future would-be copycats.

“I’m stunned. I’m devastated. There are 17 victims that did not receive justice today,” he told reporters. “My daughter — you’ll notice she was the 16th of the 17 to be read today. She was shot running down a hallway. Now, what mitigating factor was it that they used on her? Were they going to suggest that he didn’t have the fine motor skill to shoot that gun as she was running down the hallway?”
“This jury failed our families today. But, I will tell you, the monster’s going to go to prison. And in prison, I hope and pray he receives the kind of mercy from prisoners that he showed to my daughter and the 16 others,” Guttenberg said. “He is going to go to prison, and he will die in prison. And I will be waiting to read that news on that.”
Guttenberg said he did not know how the jury had reached its conclusions.
“Because of what happened to our families, we are all in this position now of doing the work that we do around this country to keep this from happening to another family. And this decision today only makes it more likely that the next mass shooting will be attempted,” he added.
— FoxNews

We would like for that prediction to be wrong… we all would.

Unfortunately, it has a ring of truth about it.

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