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PRECEDENT SET: Court Orders NYC To Reinstate ALL Employees Fired Over COVID Vax Mandate

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Even the Courts recognize that the people we’ve been calling ‘COVIDictators’ were trampling on the rights of private citizens.

This is why it matters that skeptical voices were silenced when they pushed back against mandates. People had their rights violated. People that were ‘COVID Heroes’ just months earlier had a gun to their heads choosing between financial ruin and compulsory acceptance of an unproven medical procedure.

These officials — elected and otherwise — are more interested in exercising power than abiding by the proscribed limits of their power, they overstepped the lines of their authority and used powers that were not theirs to wield.

For that, the city has an obligation to give back ALL city employees who lost their jobs over vax non-compliance — complete with back pay.

The petitioners were New York sanitation workers, with the case being complicated by a distinction in how workers who were directly under contract with the city and those under private contract were handled. The Executive Order giving an exemption to artists and athletes coming to the city played a role in this decision as well.

Below are screenshots of some of the Supreme Court of New York ruling’s relevant comments.

The equal protection complaint:

Even Joe Biden’s mention of the pandemic being over gets a reference in this decision. That’s gotta REALLY get under his skin.

The decision:

And what did the unelected Governor say about a related topic on the very same day?

Of course she would. These clowns are addicted to the coercive use of government power.

Why does this ruling matter? Because a precedent has been set, in a Deep-blue state no less. This opens the door for similar action by other employees who were fired for refusing to take the jab.

This won’t put back together things that were broken. We know what can happen when people fall into hard times. Bankruptcies. Failed marriage. Alcohol and substance abuse. Even suicide.

But it is nevertheless a small win wresting ‘lordly’ power out from the hands of those who have shown themselves unfit to use it.

And with this precedent set, perhaps other cases will follow in their stead, across the country.

If nothing else, we can at least throw out the bums who made these horrific decisions in the first place.

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