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Scumbag Gets 15 Years For Raping 9 Different Victims … Worked For UNICEF

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Karim Elkorany, a communications specialist and UNICEF worker at the United Nations admitted to thirteen instances of rape, involving 9 different victims.

We look forward to the secular, globalist left denouncing the UN with all the energy and vigor they raise against a religious organization when one of their millions of members goes rogue.

When some kind of religious leader shames himself and the beliefs he claims to represent, the usual suspects in the media and entertainment industries hold him up as an example of the entire group being irredeemably corrupt.

But what happens when we see stories about the other side? Bring up any name you want, ranging from Harvey Weinstein, Ed Buck, and Jeffrey Epstein at one end of the scale to Jeffrey Toobin, Matt Lauer, and Anthony Weiner at the other end. They were all held up as examples, not of a corrupt system that cooperated in protecting known offenders, but of isolated individual examples of bad men.

Such is the duplicity of the secular left.

For a long time we have seen complaints of the UN being a safe haven for unaccountable predators to travel the world and exploit vulnerable people in the countries where they were stationed.

If you’re ever wondering about claims of moral superiority of the United Nations, do a web search sometime on “UN and dollar girls” to see the ruin and devastation they left in their wake in Congo, or “UN Sex scandal” to show examples of abuse, including child sexual abuse, swept under the rug by the UN.

This time, a United Nations scumbag predator pressed his luck on American soil. That was a mistake. For once, one of these attackers finally faced a court of law.

Karim Elkorany, 39, was given the maximum plea deal sentence of 15 years in prison by United States District Judge Naomi Buchwald shortly after nine of the former United Nations employee’s thirteen rape victims spoke out on the crimes in court, New York Post reported.
…”Your story ends here today, Karim,” another victim told Karim in court. “You are, and forever will be, known as a predator and a rapist. The women you victimized are some of the most talented and strongest women I know.”
Elkorany, a former communications specialist and a UNICEF worker with the United Nations, admitted to drugging 20 victims and sexually assaulting thirteen of them between 2005 and 2016 in Iraq, Egypt and the United States, according to a statement from Southern District of New York.
“Karim Elkorany perpetrated monstrous acts against multiple women over nearly two decades,” U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said in a statement. “At today’s proceeding, Elkorany was held accountable by the Court and also by his victims, a number of whom confronted him with powerful statements about the grievous harm he caused through his horrific conduct. We express deep gratitude to all of the victims for their bravery in coming forward and remain committed to doing all we can to bring perpetrators like Elkorany to justice.”
— FoxNews

The United Nations finally suspended this particular offender in 2016 when his actions were reported in the United States.

His previous victims were in Iraq and Egypt. The American criminal system gets a lot of bad press from the left, but we can’t help but notice it only was when a long-term rapist pushed his luck in America that he was finally caught and brought to justice.

Is it because the administration in the UN are finally taking this problem seriously, or because it’s harder to sweep that sort of crime under the rug in America than in the other places women were being abused?

How about we stop shoveling money at that wretched hive of villainy until they get their own house in order?

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