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Sen. Ted Cruz Went On ‘The View’ And It Got WILD (VIDEO)

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This appearance had everything — shrieking harpies, angry protesters, and Ted Cruz owning the Libs.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) announced last week that he was going to appear on The View on Monday to promote his new book, “Justice Corrupted: How the Left Weaponized Our Legal System.”

It seems like an odd choice for Cruz, but it’s certainly one way to get the word out to an atypical audience. (And you just know that some of them will “hate-buy” it.)

The full video hasn’t been posted at the time of writing, but clips were posted online courtesy of Nicholas Fondacaro of Newsbusters.

Hecklers in the audience started shouting about climate change.

The dumber, more tanned version of Joy Behar piped up, because that woman likely couldn’t shut her pie-hole if her life depended on it. And of course, her

Another heckler from the audience shouted “F**k you” and the show was forced to cut to commercial.

Faux-conservative Ana Navarro apologized to Cruz before asking him a loaded question about his views on Trump.

Whoopi went off on a rant about how Republicans are the ones that don’t respect democratic institutions.

What the heck is she on?!

Which party is it that wants to pack the Supreme Court, eliminated the filibuster, ditch the Electoral College and create new states in areas that are populated by their voters?

Cruz holds her feet to the fire on that B.S.

Sunny Hostin tried to claim that Trump had politicized the DOJ when AG Bill Barr was in office. Cruz deftly smacks that down.

The pièce de résistance was when Senator Cruz dropkicked the hags with their selective view on election “denialism.”

Of course, Sen. Cruz would never be given enough time to give a thorough list of Democrat “election deniers.”

It goes without saying that the Coven on The View is crazy.

Nick Fondacaro should get hazard pay for covering The View — subjecting yourself to that kind of vitriol day after day has got to take a toll on a person!

Senator Cruz had some fun with his appearance.

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