WATCH: Dem ‘Squad’ Member Cori Bush Talks About Her FORCED Abortion

Written by K. Walker on October 11, 2022

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This clip exposes that the antithesis to the pro-life position isn’t “pro-choice” — it’s pro-abortion.

It’s no secret that Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) is staunchly pro-abortion.

When the draft of the Dobbs decision was leaked in May, the Missouri Congresswoman revealed that she had been raped at seventeen and aborted the child resulting from that horrific crime.

She also called the Supreme Court “far-right extremist, racist, classist, and bigoted” and called for the expansion of the Court.

She says that the pro-life position is all about the “control over women’s bodies” and it isn’t about ending the relentless slaughter of unborn babies, and has made some pretty bizarre statements suggesting that there should be similar control of men’s bodies.

Rep. Bush is even using the abortion issue as a Get Out The Vote initiative in Missouri.

Rep. Bush appeared on a recent episode of PBS’s Firing Line with Margaret Hoover. One of the things she discussed was the abortion that she had after she was raped.

While the interview makes it sound like she was comfortable with her decision, an interview with Vanity Fair last year gives a completely different account.

…Abortion was her best option, the woman implied—the alternative was welfare. “She was almost angry. The way she was speaking to me, it was very belittling and degrading. I didn’t know why she was directing all of that onto me,” Bush said. “I felt like I wasn’t given an opportunity to make a decision. I felt like I was going to go in there and that person was going to be warm and welcoming and telling me about, like, if this was the right decision for me—not that it was their decision to make—but I felt like, if I’m not supposed to do this, I’m gonna hear that in this conversation.” Bush didn’t. “So I went ahead with the procedure.”
Source: Vanity Fair Emphasis Added

She then spoke about another abortion she had two years later and this 3-minute clip is really something else.

It’s so weird that a woman can go on a publicly-funded television show and so casually talk about how she killed two of her children in utero.

We’ve come a very long way from the “safe, legal, and rare” of the 1990s.

What is astounding is that even though according to her account she clearly didn’t consent — which the left considers the “gold standard” for anything relating to reproduction — she is still pro-abortion.

What she says about the abortion mill that she went to is damning — she compared the process as an “assembly line” and said that her hesitation in going through with the abortion was ignored by the so-called healthcare providers. She said that even though she had thought that she was ready to have a second abortion, she changed her mind and no one listened to her — they proceeded with the abortion as she withdrew consent.

So why would she even bring it up? To highlight the racism she believes that she was experiencing.

And you know what? She might be right.

Black women have the highest rate of abortion in the United Sttes. In a 2015 report to Congress, black women have 474 abortions per 1,000 live births — almost half. The black population would be roughly double what it is now without abortion.

Magaret Sanger’s eugenicist vision of Planned Parenthood clinics culling the “undesireable” black population has been a rousing success.

I don’t doubt that the frequency of abortion in the black community would cause these ghouls in their baby-killing mill to ignore the pleas of a young, black woman who was reconsidering at the last minute.

But her story isn’t just about racism — it’s about an industry that is so cold and callous that it doesn’t even care about consent that is withdrawn by a young woman as long as she goes through with the procedure that they can profit from.

A woman who now continues to advocate for more black women to be treated as she was because she claims it’s the Republicans that are the extreme ones on abortion.

During the Firing Line interview, as Bush paints the pro-life position as extreme, Margaret Hoover doesn’t press Bush on what exactly her position on abortion is. It’s shocking that Hoover didn’t ask because Bush is both an ordained minister and a nurse who advocates for abortion and has now admitted that she had two abortions both of which where under less than ideal situations.

While the Regime Media insists that most Americans are on-board with abortion, according to polling, the vast majority think that there should be limitations on abortion at later stages of development. That’s not where most Democrat politicians are — many are advocating for abortion on-demand through all 9 months and some, like Katie Hobbs, think that babies that survive abortion should be left to die. It’s an extreme position that cannot be called “healthcare”.

Recently, two separate statements by Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake highlights the extremism of the abortion industry.

On Face The Nation this weekend, Lake said that abortion isn’t “choice” or “women’s healthcare” it’s moved far beyond that. Once a woman walks into an abortion clinic — often a vulnerable, young woman who is confused and scared — they’re given one option.

Earlier this month, at a campaign event, when a journo asked her about her position on abortion, she asked why the same question isn’t asked of the Democrat abortion extremists like her opponent, Katie Hobbs.

This is the way forward — push back and show that it’s the Democrats that are the ones that are extreme on abortion… because they are.

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