Gascon Recall Campaign Exposes YUGE Problem With Cali Voter Rolls

Written by Wes Walker on October 11, 2022

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All the fancy experts in expensive suits have assured us that there is absolutely no reason to question election security. So how do we explain this?

You will remember a very public effort to recall LA County DA George Gascon who has taken his soft-on-crime approach to levels that even Los Angeles couldn’t tolerate.

An effort was organized to ‘throw the bum out’, and it appeared as if they had the numbers to force a recall vote. But Gascon’s fat was saved from the fire when he got off on a technicality… or did he?

The movement behind the Recall effort is alleging the deliberate disenfranchisement of their voters on the part of a department that had a history of friendly (and sometimes lucrative) relationships with the DA’s office.

The DA recall effort was called DOA over the summer. Any recall vote requires a certain threshold number of names in support. The names go through a screening process to see which ones will qualify as legitimate votes. If enough survive that screening process to trigger the recall threshold, the recall goes ahead.

In Gascon’s case, the sorting process reduced the total votes to a number LOWER than that threshold, preventing the triggering from a recall process.

That’s where the controversy arises. And it doesn’t just affect this vote either.

Dean Logan, the county’s registrar-recorder, in August determined the effort to oust ​Gascón​ fell short of meeting the required 566,857 signatures because ​nearly 90,000 of them were not registered to vote and roughly 45,000 were duplicates. ​
Recall campaign officials said the registrar’s counting process was “seriously flawed, ​​resulting in substantial errors, the wrongful invalidation of many valid signatures​” and the disqualification of thousands of voters.
​​”​These extremely disturbing findings necessitate a complete and timely review of all invalidated signatures. This review is currently being obstructed by the Registrar’s office​,” it said in a statement on Monday.
They said they would file “for injunctive relief imminently​” and are looking into whether the “inflated number” of required signatures on the recall petition was due to “bloated” voter rolls.
— NYPost

We’ll provide a brief summary of the Press Release whose full text can be found here…

The complaints enumerated are specific and quantifiable by volunteer attorneys looking through these ballots.

Some 39% of ‘disqualified’ votes have plausible resons to be considered legitimate.

– Some were disqualified as ‘printed’ even when the signature on file was itself ‘printed’.
– Some ‘not matching’ were disqualifed despite significant similarities to source signature — also, multiple reviewers did not sign off on disqualification despite legal requirement to do so
– Voters who were registered were deemed ‘not registered’.
– Duplicates disqualified all copies, rather than counting one as required by law … they discovered retroactive disqualifications of previously counted valid vote for this reason
– invalidated over address despite wording on the form that would have not make such discrepencies invalidating

The current recount efforts are being slow-walked by LA officials in such a way that it will take a year to resolve these disparities… limited office hours, arbitrary limits on number of people counting, etc.

The really interesting part here is the last section of the press release concerning bloated voter rolls.

We know (and have reported) that Judicial Wach has taken several states to court over their failures to maintain clean voter rolls, but despite court injunctions to clean them, they fight hard to avoid doing so.

In 2019, Judicial Watch won a case forcing California to clean their dirty voter rolls, yet somehow, the same problem reared its head again in 2022.

The story is the same in California. Large counties show impossibly small number of ineligible voters removed from voting rolls for failing to respond to a notice and vote. In San Bernardino County in Greater Los Angeles, with a county population of 1.2 million registered voters, a total of fourteen ineligible voters were removed from the voting rolls for the entire four-year reporting period, according to data the state provided to federal officials. For Sacramento County, with over one million registered voters: zero removed. In Fresno County, with more than 500,000 registered voters: two ineligible voters removed. — Judical Watch, Jan 2022

They drew a link between governmental refusal to maintain accurate voter rolls and the potential disenfranchisement of voters who want to reign in an unaccountable elected official with a recall vote.

If there are bogus inflated numbers of the total electorate, that creates an artifically high barrier to recall efforts, since recall thresholds are based a percentage of total eligible voters, not total votes cast in the last election.

This sounds like one of those ‘voter integrity’ issues we keep talking about where one party wants an environement where it’s easy to vote but hard to cheat and the other party…?

Well, they want something else.

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