America And England Met In The World Cup … And Social Media Went Wild!

Written by Wes Walker on November 25, 2022

At ClashDaily, we really don’t give a damn about Football soccer. But we do enjoy taking a gratuitous swipe at the ‘Old Country’.

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Right off the top, any Brits looking to gloat over a win were crying in their beer — unless they saw it in person, where they weren’t even allowed a drink to wash down their disappointment.

The match itself ended in a ‘nil-nil’ draw. In other words, it was like so many pink-haired Hillary-voting spinsters out there: nobody scored.

In most sports enjoyed by Americans (and even our cousins up North) that would be a disappointment. But the favorite sport of globalists is perfectly fine with scoreless ties.

Remember that Rapinoe chick? She would have been horrified and disgusted to see that England bent the knee to BLM, while Team America stood straight, like the free nation we are.

Twitter is fun again, and there were dueling hashtags, depending on whether you believed that tune they played was ‘God Save The King’ or ‘My Country ‘Tis Of Thee’…

There was a lot of fun to be had in throwing shade both ways.

Even at the match itself, Americans made their presence known. They led a spicy chant:

It’s the kind of thing that even brings left and right together for a couple of hours to forget our differences while we chant U-S-A as obnoxiously as we possibly can.

Since we’re back to bending the knee before sports events, here’s a PSA reminder, also from our ClashDaily store:

It’s not QUITE as spicy as our Hunter’s Laptop Matters gear, but they’re both more honest than the official 2020 slogan.