Colorado Shooter Identifies As Non-Binary According To Attorneys — Here’s The 411

Written by K. Walker on November 23, 2022

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New information on the Club Q shooting suspect pokes some holes in the current Regime Media narrative that this was a hate crime fueled by right-wing rhetoric.

The news broke late on Tuesday night when Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, a New York Times reporter, tweeted a screenshot of new court filings that state, according to the public defenders assigned to the suspect, Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, uses they/them pronouns and identifies as nonbinary. In the documents, the lawyers refer to their client as Mx. Anderson Aldrich.

Bogel-Burroughs followed up with links to the court documents.

It was then reported by Axios.

Some internet rumors suggest that Aldrich has been identifying as non-binary for several years, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Many news organizations and individual journalists have been insisting that conservatives opposing the inappropriately labeled “gender-affirming” medical transition of minors, so-called “family-friendly” Drag events, gender identity being taught to very young children, and trans-identifying males competing against girls in sports is what causes violence.

Some have even named a few as the ones that are allegedly adding fuel to “anti-LGBTQ hate” — Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire who is vocal in opposing the medical transition of minors, Libs of Tik Tok who holds up a mirror to the left, and Chris Rufo, who has exposed that radical gender theory has been introduced to very young students in many public schools.

The journos that have been pushing the narrative that this was a right-wing inspired hate crime aren’t sure what to do now — do they accept Aldrich’s self-identification, or is it okay to question its legitimacy in this instance?

What happens if they do question it — wouldn’t that open the door to questioning the legitimacy of anyone’s self-identification? That’s quite the pickle the lefty journos are in.

On Tuesday morning, NBC News hack, Ben Collins, went on a rant about what journalists can “do better” because, according to him, bodies will continue to pile up unless journos speak out about the “right-wing rhetoric.”

He’s standing on the bodies of these victims and making proclamations that the shooting was caused by “dangerous” rhetoric from the right before we know the killer’s motive. It’s truly disgusting.

ClashDaily has a better record on this than NBC News in this instance for refusing to ascribe a motive to the killer:

Rightwing journalist Logan Hall posted how the narrative collapsed using the common shot/chaser format:

Right-wingers who are part of the LGBTQ are making some great points about how the media will have to pivot.

Wow! It’s true, though. Alex Jones owes billions of dollars to the Sandy Hook families and a huge chunk of the Regime Media just blamed the Right for the shooting in Colorado and they’ll not have to shell out a dime for smearing conservatives as complicit. Unreal.

It is possible that this could all be a ruse to avoid hate crime charges. A neighbor claims that Aldrich had some hatred for the gay community.

A recent neighbor of Club Q shooting suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich said he spent hours talking to the FBI on Tuesday morning. He told investigators the suspect made several hateful comments toward the LGBTQ community.
“Just expressed he didn’t like the LGBTQ community,” said Xavier Kraus, who lived across the hallway from Aldrich. “And pretty sure at one point he expressed he hated the LGBTQ community, he hated gays.”
“This is not the type of person I would take around my gay friends,” he said.
Source: 9 News

But that goes against what the Denver Gazette reported on Tuesday — they describe Aldrich’s difficult childhood, his name change at 15, online bullying, and his “fascination” with gay culture.

Two weeks before his 16th birthday, the man accused of murdering five people in a Colorado Springs nightclub changed his name to distance himself from his father and an extremely troubled childhood. On May 2, 2016, according to Texas court records, Nicholas Franklin Brink became Anderson Lee Aldrich.
His upbringing is marked by a biological father with a criminal history who dabbled in drugs and worked in the porn industry and a mother with multiple arrests in California and Texas. The two parents separated while Aldrich was a toddler.
Aldrich’s difficult childhood and earlier existence as Nicholas Brink offer the first clues to the mysteries of who the suspected gunman was, though it is unclear yet if his tumultuous childhood is related in any way to the attack at Club Q. Shortly before he changed his name, the suspected shooter apparently was a target of online bullying and showed signs of a fascination with gay culture.
Source: Denver Gazette

Basically, we don’t know if Aldrich is actually identifying as non-binary because he believes it to be true or if he’s just doing it to try to shift the narrative, but according to the left, it’s imperative to affirm and accept an individual’s self-identification as authentic and it’s “transphobic” or “anti-LGBTQ” or whatever to do otherwise.

This was clearly someone that had some mental problems and a violent streak. Last year, Aldrich was upset with his grandparents over their decision to move to Florida from Colorado Springs.

“On June 18, 2021, Aldrich was booked into the El Paso County jail on two counts of felony menacing and three counts of kidnapping after a bomb threat and standoff at his mother’s home,” reports the Gazette. “On a neighborhood doorbell surveillance video obtained by The Gazette, Aldrich can be heard saying to his mother, ‘This is the day I die. They don’t give a f*** about me any more. Clearly.’ A relative told The Gazette that he was referring to the Pullens and their decision to move.”

He had streamed the standoff. In the video, he’s wearing tactical gear — just like he did when he when he killed 5 and injured 17 others in Club Q.

Those charges were dropped.

Aldrich clearly had a rough life, but that doesn’t excuse going in and shooting up innocents.

Checking in on good ol’ journo Ben Collins, he posted another thread shortly after the news that Aldrich identifies as non-binary.

It’s quite handy that Collins had all of this very detailed information right at his fingertips so he could shift the narrative yet again to Aldrich being the victim of online bullying which strangely didn’t come up when he was ranting about right-wing rhetoric online.

(By the way, note how Collins doesn’t get the details right in his thread, including the suspect’s name.)

It couldn’t possibly be that Collins sat on all that information, could it? Nah, journos would never keep details about a mass shooter quiet so that they could go on a 3-day “blame the conservatives” bender. That would be irresponsible and disingenuous and a violation of his role as a reporter — “facts first” and all that.

All they had to do was wait for the facts, but journos can’t seem to do that. They only “wait for the facts” in mass casualty situations when the shooter turns out to not be a white dude. This is especially true if it’s some guy with a name like Mohammed who shouts something that sounds like “Aloha, snackbar!” and we’re not allowed to draw any conclusions about motivation until our Media Betters inform us that this was actually a “lone wolf” attack that is most likely completely unrelated to religion or ideology.

If it’s for some other reason like leftwing ideology or anti-white bigotry, the story quickly disappears from the headlines.

If the shooter is a white dude, it’s assumed that he’s a right-wing terrorist bigot from the get-go.

They do this in order to push for censorship of those they disagree with under the guise of “safety.”

Shapiro is right. The Left’s tactics are Machiavellian and it’s disgusting the way that they stand on the graves of victims of horrific crimes like this.

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