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CLASH POLL: Who Has More Authoritarian COVIDictators … Germany Or Canada?

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Germany and Canada both had some pretty strong examples of pandemic-era power-tripping authoritarians at the peak of the crisis … but how about now?

Can you guess which of them is starting to learn from their mistakes vs which one is doubling down? Test your guess (against that of other ClashDaily readers) here. No cheating!

Which country's COVIDictators just doubled down?

Which country's COVIDictators just doubled down?

From March of 2020, both countries had some pretty strong responses. Europe had their vaccine passports and Australia was lockdown-happy in the pursuit of the elusive ‘zero COVID’.

We’ve learned a lot since then. Which country has learned some lessons and which one has doubled down? Let’s compare.

A German court has ruled on past COVID restrictions. They were an encroachment of fundamental rights.

Meanwhile, in Canada we’ve got the government doubling down again. Even the inquiry (not to be confused with ongoing criminal investigations) into what went wrong has been ridiculous.

The Trudeau Government has been desperately trying to hide evidence of their ineptitude or malfeasance in their handling of the Freedom Convoy crackdown and their invocation of what would be understood in most international contexts to be martial law.

Documents critical to understanding whether or not politicians were working in good faith had been redacted. Now that the redactions have been stripped, we see that they were specifically told the criteria for invoking this suspension of civil liberties had NOT been met, according to recommendations by Canada’s own intelligence agency.

How did these redactions get removed? Simply put, the government had to be shamed into it.

Here’s the lawyer for the Convoy participants being shot down in the proceedings — he was even removed from the hearings at the direction of the person presiding over them! He went to the press to explain that he had done EXACTLY what had been asked on him, but was being stonewalled by this very inquiry.

It just goes to show you, your fear is full of crap.

Here in America, we’re finally saying good riddance to the Pervaricating Authoritarian Smurf, Little Lord Fauci.

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