Did Laptop From Hell Just Prove Biden Admin Invested ‘BIGLY’ In Hunter’s Startup?

Written by Wes Walker on November 25, 2022

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The more we see what kind of damning information is coming out of this laptop, the more it seems like Hunter’s laptop was abandoned in an attempt at hiding the evidence.

Evidence of transactions found on Hunter’s laptop shows an apparent financial connection between Hunter investing in a tech start-up, leveraging his government contacts while daddy was Veep, and that start-up cashing in BIG on government contracts.

With Republicans taking back the gavel in the House and making it clear their investigation of the laptop is more interested in Joe Biden’s corruption than in Hunter Biden’s salacious episodes of debauchery and self-destruction, the story uncovered by Natalie Winters is especially relevant.

Context: years of left alleging Trump used politics for personal financial gain…

Remember how Democrats and the media looked for every possible way they could dream up to find some evidence that the guy who donated every paycheck he took as President, and who gave up mountains of personal fortune when he was ‘canceled’ because he ran for President with an (R) after his name?

One of their favorite lines of attack was an invocation of the obscure ’emoluments clause’ that most Americans knew little or nothing about until it was weaponized against Trump.

Not even 2 weeks ago, CNN was STILL pushing this story (thanks to tax records given to them by the House Oversight Committee, most likely the REAL reason House Oversight wanted Trump’s personal taxes)…

Politically-motivated prosecutors at every conceivable level have given Trump’s personal finances, his business dealings, and his family a thorough financial colonoscopy convinced that — SOMEWHERE — they would find proof that he’s as dirty as everyone else in D.C..

If they’d found anything, they surely would have indicted him by now.

Watch whether they hold Biden to this same level of scrutiny…

Let’s keep the proper meaning of the word emoluments in mind as we read about the scrutiny the Quid Pro Joe is about to be facing:

The latest damning information dug up from Hunter’s abandoned laptop involves a telehealth tech start-up called AmWell.

Laptop evidence suggests that Hunter had not only invested in AmWell but had leveraged government connections when daddy was in office to secure some juicy government contracts.

The Boston company, founded in 2006, landed a government grant during the Obama years. (Just one, though.) Pandemic interest in telemedicine came at the right time for them and they went public in 2020.

Once the Biden admin took office, the government contracts came pouring in for them.

From Natalie Winters:

AmWell, a telehealth start-up that Hunter Biden’s hard drive reveals he invested in, has received several six-figure grants from federal agencies under the Biden administration, including the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Amidst 2014 negotiations between the son of President Joe Biden and AmWell about the size of his initial investment, Hunter Biden appeared to leverage “USG impact” as an “area of focus” where he could “have influence and operating impact to increase revenue and improve profitability” in emails exclusively revealed by War Room.
…AmWell had previously received one grant during the Obama-Biden administration in 2011 from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for “telehealth care,” but during the Biden administration, it has seen its receipt of federal grants skyrocket.
Since the inauguration of President Biden, AmWell has received a never-before-seen number of grants and contracts from federal agencies including the VA, Department of Defense (DOD), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and Department of Health And Human Services (HHS).
— War Room. “Figure Contracts From Biden Administration, Emails Show He Leveraged ‘US Government’ Connections To ‘Increase Revenue.’”

The story goes on to give the specific dollar amounts each contract was good for, as well as spin-off contracts with other levels of governmet generated by the credibility of being awarded the federal contracts.

When Trump called for the draining of the swamp — this is precisely the trade-money-for-power political insider merry-go-round he was talking about.

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