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Was Biden The ‘Bull Connor’ Behind Trudeau’s Freedom Convoy Crackdown?

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The heavy-handed crackdown on Freedom Convoy participants protesting vaccine mandates that threatened livelihoods earned Trudeau the nickname ‘Blackface Hitler’.

One woman in a mobility scooter was sent to the hospital after being trampled by a horse. The whole episode invoked images of police dogs and firehoses being turned on protesters a generation or two earlier.

The ongoing investigation into Trudeau’s suspension of Canadian civil rights as justification of the crackdown shows they even considered bringing in the military … and tanks … to deal with the protest where people were NOT committing any acts of violence or criminality beyond the obstruction of a few downtown Ottawa streets.

Even the government’s claims that they were cracking down on ‘Nazis’ has come under scrutiny as there is now a sworn affidavit claiming knowledge of the identity of the guy who waved the ‘Nazi’ flag.

Trudeau took the blame for his crackdown on the Freedom Convoy protesters. But it’s now looking like he was taking his marching orders on initiating that Bull Connor-style crackdown on inconvenient peaceful protesters from none other than … Joe Biden.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland testified at the public inquiry into the invocation of the Emergencies Act on Thursday and admitted that the government was concerned that the ongoing protest would hurt trade with the United States.

Freeland told the inquiry about a Feb. 10 phone call from Brian Deese, the director of the National Economic Council and Biden’s top economic adviser, who expressed urgent concern about the border blockades.
“They are very, very, very worried,” Freeland wrote in an email to her staff. “If this is not sorted out in the next 12 hours, all of their northeastern car plants will shut down.”
…Brian Clow, Trudeau’s deputy chief of staff, had already heard from White House officials including Juan Gonzalez, special assistant to the president and the National Security Council senior director for the Western Hemisphere.
…Clow helped coordinate the Trudeau-Biden discussion, which took place Feb. 11. He prepared the prime minister for that call with a point-form note and a clear message: Ottawa had a plan to end the blockades.
…The president reportedly alluded to trucker convoys rumored to be heading to the Super Bowl in Los Angeles, as well as for the streets of Washington.
Clow’s text said Trudeau spoke with the president about American influence on the Canadian blockades, including “money, people, and political/media support.”
— Politco

We all saw what happened. The unilateral freezing of bank accounts without any legal predicate. Arrests. Video evidence of police beating up protesters standing in the streets because they didn’t want the government preventing freedom of movement unless they take a vaccination whose actual usefulness and side effects were still open questions.

Ottawa wasn’t the only place where these protests sprang up. Truckers made their points about unvaxxed drivers being effectively prevented from carrying cross-border loads by putting the squeeze on other cross-border traffic.

This is how it would have come to the attention of Biden and Preachy Pete Buttigieg.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg spoke to his Canadian counterpart, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra to try and come up with ‘a plan to resolve’ the blockades.
At one point, Freeland was critical of both Democrats and Republicans in the US, saying they would ‘love any excuse to impose more protectionist measures on us.’
Freeland also met with some of the top bankers in Canada on February 13, and was told by the CEO of one of the country’s largest steel companies that the blockade was ‘really impacting us badly.’
Alan Kestenbaum of Stelco said: ‘I fear that even worse, the long term consequences of shutting down auto plants because of lack of Canadian parts, will only convince the auto companies to ‘on shore’ even more and relocate supplies (and our customers) to the USA.’
— DailyMail

By Feb 18th, police had started to crack down on the protesters. (That’s when the infamous incident with the horses happened.)

A few days later, arrests had been made and the trucks were all gone.

Even government officials have been admitting during the inquiry that the necessary predicate for invoking this kind of martial law was never met.

But this is Canada we’re talking about. Don’t expect the government to face any consequences. After all, aside from a few outliers, the ‘news’ media has bellied up to the trough for government cheese.

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