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Doc Notices Alarming Detail In Fetterman’s Medical Report … Not Just ANY Kind Of Stroke

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When Fetterman cites the medical report calling him fit and able to serve, keep in mind that he’s not just a doctor, but a POLITICAL DONOR too.

We all know how likely we are to get an unbiased decision from someone with skin in the game. Fortunately for us, he’s not the only doctor in the country.

Since the question has been on the lips of everyone following the Oz/Fetterman senate race since the stroke was first announced, questions about his ability to execute the responsibilities of a senator have been on everyone’s lips.

It’s unsurprising, then, that the question would be posed to a doctor on FoxNews.

Dr. Marc Siegel, a frequent commenter on Fox, was a guest on the Tucker Carlson show, where he dropped a bomb.

His answer was different from the ones we’ve been given by the typical partisan observer. Instead of evaluating his symptoms, he looked at prognosis. And that prognosis isn’t pretty.

As you read what follows, keep in mind that the job Fetterman is now seeking requires a six-year commitment.

If you think his condition is bad now, imagine what things might be like if he had a second one. Because there is a better-than-average chance that will happen. Worse still, there is a real chance of someone in his position not even surviving another 5 years.

Siegel continued: ‘Fetterman himself has said his stroke was due to a blood clot from the heart.’
The doctor cited a medical journal, Stroke, that looked at 6,000 people in Great Britain, and found that if the blood clot comes from your heart, your long-term life expectancy is curtailed.
‘You have a more than a 60 percent chance of either not living five years, or having another stroke within those five years – greater than 60 percent chance,’ Siegel said.
‘So I say to the voters of Pennsylvania tonight who are ready to check a box tomorrow, I think before you check a box you should consider a statistic like that.
‘Greater than 60 percent chance that someone like Fetterman, with a heart in his condition, having had a stoke, could either have a recurrence or won’t survive the term.’
— DailyMail

You’d think the people who spent 4 years looking for a way to weaponize the 25th amendment against Trump would understand that the public has a right to understand whether a candidate has what it takes to perform the responsibilities he is asking the public to trust him with.

That includes — at the very least — having the ability to discuss and negotiate the particulars of legislation with other Senators, sitting on committees, conducing hearings.

Oh, and you might want to add one other thing to that list: having a reasonable expectation that you’re not going to drop dead before those 6 years are up.

If Fetterman was so determined to get power that he has been dishonest with the public about the true extent of his health crisis, putting personal interests above the public good — how can we trust him to act in the best interest of the public in OTHER matters?

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