9 Stories About The Military To Remember Before You Head To The Polls

Written by Wes Walker on November 8, 2022

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Afghanistan may have been the most humiliating of Biden’s debacles while in office, but it was hardly the only one.

Joe Biden wants us to believe he is the greatest of all possible friends to our veterans. But is he?

Let’s look back at what his record since taking office.

The National Guard

Right out of the gate we see how he treated the National Guard who were called upon wrap the Capitol in fences and razor wire for the pagentry needed to sell the idea that we were in the middle of serious and dangerous political turmoil. The only ones really in harms’ way were the guards themselves.

‘Thanks For Your Service’ Look Who’s Sheltering In Parking Garage After Defending Biden Transition

Related: Eight States Pull National Guard Out Of D.C. After Parking Garage Debacle

BRING THEM HOME: Dozen National Guard Troops Hospitalized By Bad Food & Metal Shavings

Pentagon’s vaccination priorities

This story popped up while the old and infirm were still very afraid of an early form of the virus that posed a serious threat to people with comorbidities such as weight, breathing difficulties, or old age. The roll-out was still in its early days.

This administration’s Pentagon tipped its hand to the new priorities pretty early on. Pentagon ‘Pauses’ Plan To Give Guantanamo Bay Prisoners COVID-19 Vaccine Ahead Of Many Americans

Speaking of the Pentagon, THIS is awkward — WATCH: Biden Struggles To Remember ‘Pentagon’ And Name SecDef . . . Fails Badly

China started saber rattling as soon as Biden took office

Before the ink was even dry on the new White House stationary, China started testing our resolve. And we did nothing when an ally was threatened. CHINA WATCH: Open Threat Of War Against Our Pacific Ally … Now What?

Less than a month after that… China Threatens To Leverage Key Resources To Force Will On Others . . . Sound Familiar?

Iran starts testing Biden’s resolve

BIDEN’S BFF: Navy Ships Fire Warning Shots As Iran’s Ships Harass Them (VIDEO)

Turning the military ‘woke’

Why Is Biden’s Pentagon Inviting Rabid Partisans For ‘Anti Extremism’ Consulting?

Whatever it is you call this obsenity…

Capitol Police To Use Army Surveillance Tech To Monitor Americans And ‘Identify Emerging Threats’

The Cluster***k in Afghanistan

Taliban Claims Victory In Kabul, Joint Chiefs Raise Terror Alert … While Joe Vacations At Camp David

BIDEN’S SAIGON: ‘Nam Comparisons Abound As Troops Sent To Rescue Fleeing Ambassadors

US Military Hardware Including Vehicles, Drones Left As Parting Gift For The Taliban

TRAGIC: Desperate Afghans Fall From Planes Attempting To Flee Taliban Rule (VIDEO)

WATCH: Defensive Biden Says He KNEW That ‘Chaos’ Would Ensue In Afghanistan — ‘I Don’t Think It Was A Failure’

The Suicide Bomber & the ‘Righteous Strike’ response

The bomber was in American custody until the decision was made to abandon the airport, abandoning our hardware and letting dangerous people with an ax to grind go free. Days later, he took the lives of 13 American veterans, among other casualties.

ISIS Suicide Bombs Go Off Outside Kabul Airport Killing Over A Dozen U.S. Troops, Dozens Of Civilians

U.S. Drone Strike Hits Car With Suicide Bombers Heading To Kabul Airport

BLOOD ON HIS HANDS: Biden’s Drone Strike Wipes Out Nine Members Of Afghan Family Including Six Children

Disrespecting our veterans

President Biden CHECKS HIS WATCH During Dignified Transfer Of Troops Killed In Kabul Attack (VIDEO)

Mother Of Marine Killed In Kabul Attack Calls Biden A ‘Feckless, Dementia-Ridden Piece Of Crap’

Gold Star Mom Invites Trump To Funeral … Blames Biden’s Blundering For Deaths

That’s just the first eight months!

That didn’t even take us to the firing of officers who spoke out against the bungling of Afghanistan or who denounced Socialism.

It doesn’t cover the vaccine mandates and the mass firings.

It doesn’t cover Drag Queen shows, pronoun training, and the elevation of Rachel Levine.

It doesn’t recount Biden’s profligate spending of money on everything BUT building the military, and his gutting of our own armories to keep Ukraine in fighting form against Russia.

It doesn’t account for our dangerously low supply of diesel, his emptying of our strategic oil reserves or the impact of inflation eroding our military spending.

It doesn’t account for Joe Biden’s failure to deter Putin from launching a full-scale war in Europe, or the fact that he practically invited Vladamir in by saying the West would take no action against Russia if there were a ‘Minor Incursion’.

But did you know Joe Biden had a son called ‘Beau’ that served and died of cancer? Of course you did. Because that’s the only story about the military he really seems to care about, and he can’t even keep the details of THAT one straight.

The question to consider now is simple. Can Joe’s administration be trusted with the unchecked power they have enjoyed so far, or do they need to be reigned in by a House and Senate with a different agenda?

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