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Germany Forced To Throw Out Election Vote And Start Over — Here’s Why

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With all the SNAFUs we saw happening in Maricopa (and elsewhere) Americans should pay attention to this court ruling. It might have relevance to conversations about improving our own system.

America isn’t the only G7 country with significant voting credibility problems.

Germany has their own. It comes back to some of the same kind of SNAFUs that have plagued our own system.

Here’s a contemporary German news source describing election day in September of 2021.

According to reports in German media, Berlin’s polling stations ran out of ballots and were unable to restock them thanks to road closures during the marathon – leading to delays of more than an hour and long queues for would-be voters.
“There is chaos here at the moment,” an election officer in west Berlin told German daily Welt. “Three elections and the Berlin marathon together – that couldn’t go well. The result? There are no more ballot papers here.”
…Writing on Twitter, other Berliners shared reports of chaos at polling stations across the city.
“At the Ustinov School polling station in Charlottenburg, the ballot papers have run out! Substitutes can’t get through because of Berlin Marathon! Unbelievable,” former ARD journalist Ulrich Deppendorf wrote.
— TheLocal (Germany)

Voters upset about the chaos corrupting the integrity of the voting process brought their objections to court. They were heard. The constitutional court found in their favor.

Berlin’s constitutional court ruled on Wednesday that elections for the state parliament as well as all 12 district councils must be repeated, according to a spokesperson for the court.
The ruling confirms a preliminary assessment by the judges that numerous electoral errors could have affected the distribution of mandates and thus the composition of the city-state’s parliament, the Tagesspiegel newspaper reported.
The Berlin Senate’s internal administration and the state election commissioner are already planning for an election on Feb. 12, Tagesspiegel reported.

We can’t help but notice the German administrators defaulted to the use of that all-too-familiar refrain in the midst of such chaotic scenes. In September of last year, authorities assured the German voters: “The proper conduct of the Bundestag election is thus guaranteed.”

This was, in fact, the closing line in the contemporary news article about Berlin’s election irregularities. Their media sounds a lot like our media, doesn’t it?

The Constitutional court, after reviewing the evidence, did not share that view.

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