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Guess What Obama Blames For The Country’s ‘Toxic’ Political Discourse… (VIDEO)

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What could former President Obama believe is causing all of the division?

It couldn’t be Partisan Presstitutes that have siloed the news into Left and Right by systematically purging anyone to the right of AOC from their organizations and insisting that those who disagree with them even slightly are racist, sexist, homophobic bigots that should be condemned to a life of exile.

Nah, that can’t be it.

It couldn’t be the ongoing 7-year-long partisan witchhunt by the Deep State against Donald Trump from the moment he became the GOP nominee in 2016 all the way through his administration and is ramping up again shortly after he announced he’s running in 2024.

That’s probably not it, either.

And it certainly couldn’t be the way that Obama’s own party attempts to claim moral superiority on every single issue and paint Republicans as evil villains, could it?

It obviously isn’t that.

So, what could it possibly be?

Obama went on rarely funny Trevor Noah’s show last week (we didn’t know at the time since hardly anyone watches that crap) and said exactly what he thought the problem was — that’s right, his favorite punching bag, Fox News.

From Newsbusters:

Former President Barack Obama swung by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Comedy Central on Wednesday to promote his foundation’s “Democracy Forum.” With the state of democracy being the prime focus of the conversation, Noah asked why the state of political discourse is so bad. Proving that some things never change, Obama blamed Fox News.

Of course.

According to former President Obama, all of the ills in America can be laid at the feet of Fox News.

Obama seems to think that the “toxic” political rhetoric will continue to divide the country unless the Left has complete, monopolistic control of the Corporate Media.

Unilateral Leftist ideology constantly pushed out in the media as they trot out a handful of leashed and neutered fake right-wingers like the Lincoln Project grifters all while silencing authentic conservative viewpoints. It would turn every “news” organization into a simulacrum of that pit of vipers that is “The View”.

Gee, that doesn’t sound like a dystopian nightmare, does it?

Here’s a partial transcript:

NOAH: Where do you think [toxic political discourse] is coming from? Do you think it is social media? Do you think it’s a tenor of politicians in the Capitol?

OBAMA: That’s — two things. The biggest change that is taking place, when I ran for, let’s say, U.S. Senate in Illinois, you go downstate, that is the South. I mean, it’s rural, it’s conservative, there aren’t a lot of folks who look like you or me. And certainly, there are more Trevors than there are Baracks in these area, but…
…I’d go into a town and it’d be 70% Republican, you know, a lot of evangelicals, et cetera, but I could go to a diner or a VFW hall or a county fair, I could go to the local newspaper and the owner there is conservative, and he’s got a bow tie and buzz cut, he’s kind of skeptical about my ideas, but there wasn’t the filter that had been created by Fox News or the media infrastructure, the sort of right-wing conspiracy theory, you know, folks, and so they came at me with an open mind.

Obama added that he thinks it started with Fox News but became “turbocharged” with social media.

“If you go into those same communities now, they have so many preconceptions about what somebody like me believes, cares about, et cetera, that it is very hard to penetrate,” said Obama.

He did say that it’s important to “break through the information bubbles” that people are in — but he meant the “Fox News” bubble, not the ocean of Leftwing ideology that is pushed by just about every other major news outlet and presumed to be fact.

The thing is, conservatives understand liberals better than liberals understand conservatives. Johnathan Haidt said this in his book “The Righteous Mind” a decade ago and polls keep showing this to be true.

It’s because the Leftwing view is pushed everywhere — in the news, entertainment, K-12 schools as well as colleges and universities, sports, social media algorithms put it in your newsfeed, and with ESG, we’re seeing more and more corporations virtue signal about transgenderism, green energy, or abortion.

Liberals in their little blue-city bubbles may not ever encounter a real-life conservative, so they imagine what a conservative might think.

That’s why NYTimes columnist David Brooks had to imagine a conversation with a fictional “flyover man” back in 2019 for his column where he created a strawman and then successfully beat it down. That kind of insanity passes for “journalism” in the modern era.

Maybe the solutions to end this toxic division are pretty simple — a) we need to have a fair and balanced media that covers both sides equally, b) both sides of the political aisle need to be treated the same in the eyes of the law, c) the politicization of everything from entertainment to sports to education needs to stop, and d) the Libs need to break out of their bubbles and actually speak with the unwashed masses in “flyover country” that vote Republican rather than just shouting them down and calling them Hitler.

But that’s probably not going to happen anytime soon.

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