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WATCH: Arizona Bro Makes A PASSIONATE Argument For Why Election Integrity Matters

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It’s important to have confidence in the electoral process — unfortunately, a lot of people in America no longer do. And there are some understandable reasons for that.

Hackable electronic voting machines, unsolicited ballots floating around, expanding mail-in voting, the left’s dogged refusal to clean up voter rolls, the push to remove voter id rules, ballot harvesting, normalizing waiting for results for days, and the lack of transparency when counting in some jurisdictions paired with bizarre technical malfunctions of cameras not working all contribute to the distrust in the way that elections are run.

It really doesn’t help if some of these things keep happening in the same county and the person overseeing the election is on the ballot.

This brings us to Maricopa County, Arizona, in 2022.

The days-long vote counting in the state, after they replaced all of their voting machines following the 2020 recount, isn’t instilling confidence in the electoral process.

When Stacey Abrams lost the gubernatorial race in Georgia in 2018 by more than 54,000 votes and claimed it was because of alleged “voter suppression”, the Regime Media let her get away with it without providing any evidence.

But it’s fine because a secret cabal worked to “fortify” the election in 2020.

Those “fortifications” are still largely in place.

Now that Kari Lake is questioning the results of the Arizona gubernatorial election in a much tighter race — roughly 20,000 votes — after a number of residents have come forward with complaints about difficulties voting and the “printer issues” that happened on voting day from the get-go, she’s labeled as an “election denier.”

There are legitimate questions here.

In a hearing open to the public, one resident completely unloaded on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

Check it out.

The man’s got a point.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent a whole lot of money to help “fortify” the 2020 Presidential election so that it went the way that he thought it should.

The “facts first” regime media have no trouble with this, though. And shame on anyone who points it out.

The truth is that America has a real problem — people on both sides don’t trust in the integrity of elections. The Left doesn’t believe an election was fair if they lose and will blame everything but their own horrible campaign for their loss — Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams are the poster children for this. Meanwhile, the Right points out opportunities for fraud that may have tilted an election and the media loses their minds.

The solution is to do what Florida did to clean up their method of voting after becoming an international laughing stock after the Bush/Gore recount debacle in 2000 with the “hanging chads.” It’s not perfect, but it’s better than the horsecrap that Maricopa is dealing with.

Of course, if Katie Hobbs is the Governor, don’t expect it to change anytime soon.

Which is kind of that guy’s point.

That bro walked up and you’d never expect that kind of speech from him because of the way he looked, but that just goes to show you not to judge a book by its cover. That guy had a John the Baptist vibe goin’ on there that was a sight to behold.

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