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Mike Pence Throws Trump Under The Bus (Again) Over J6 … This Time On ABC

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ABC News has let out a teaser of their interview with former Vice President Pence. When asked, he gave exactly the answer the J6 enthusiasts demanded of him.

We have heard every possible public depiction of Mike Pence in the time since his tenure as Veep. Do they talk about whatever the credit or blame they think he deserves in the lead role of the Coronavirus Task Force? Of course not.

Because for the media and the politicians they support, the entirety of Trump’s presidency (and Pence’s term as Vice President) had collapsed down to a single afternoon.

Naturally, a question about that afternoon came up in the long-form interview ABC is teasing for airing later on Monday. And what did they tease? They tease a clip of Mike Pence throwing Donald Trump under the bus.

He gave those J6 zealots exactly what they wanted. (Forget all the travesties of justice we have been seeing in the FBI, taking agents off cases against child predators so they can rain hell on some old dude taking pictures on the Capitol lawn that day.)

He blamed Trump. And doubled down by being sure to include a reference to his daughter.

Forget Trump’s documented attempts to provide thousands of National Guards for additional security that for some reason were never accepted.

Forget the explicit appeal to ‘peacefully and patriotically’.

Forget even the promise Pence himself had made to hear the legal objections in the very place they were always meant to be heard — during Constitutionally-ordered proceedings overseen by the Vice President. (Those objections were never ultimately heard OR considered.)

Yes, there was a lot going on, and a lot of people one could point fingers at. But what happened in the moment, and what we know almost two years later are very different things.

One can come away with a lot of opinions on that day. But this? Mike Pence is pretty much saying Trump deliberately whipped up a riot.

It’s no mystery that this is the official talking point of the media, the Democrats, the DOJ, and the J6 Committee, but many of these guys are still pushing discredited lies about murdered police officers and zip ties (that were left behind by cops, not brought in with intention to kidnap anyone).

But these members of the chattering class are the same people who all but ignore the attempted assassination of Sitting members of SCOTUS when the would-be assassin was en route to a home in the middle of the night with zip ties and weapons on his person.

If there were any actual proof that Trump was actively whipping up a riot, the J6 committee would not need to fabricate stories about ‘The Beast’, maliciously misquote his staffer’s text messages in an official hearing, or dig endlessly through the phone records of people that even law enforcement would lack the authority to subpoena or search.

With this interview, we can expect Pence to pick up some of that same ‘Strange New Respect’ the press give to any former Republican who throws someone from his own team into the wood chipper. But if he thinks this will give him a path forward in the Primaries?

Let’s just say it will take more than a Romeny/Cheney endorsement to win a Primary Race.

Whatever ‘strange new respect’ he gained in this interview might be outweighed by respect lost by those on the right who still held him in high esteem.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck