One in 179: The Dizzying Stat That Puts Our Murder Rate In Perspective

Written by Wes Walker on November 17, 2022

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When voters and Republicans raised the issue of crime during the midterms, Democrats looked us in the eye and told us we were wrong.

Oh, really? That’s not what the stats tell us.

But, just like when dealing with any statistic, for us to understand the real numbers we’ll need a reference point for comparison.

In the pandemic, where a panic over a bad cold shut down the entire freaking world, what were the scary stats behind that panic?

Well, From March of 2020 until now, the CDC records a total of 1,070,947 deaths attributed to the WuFlu. March 2020 until now gives us 32 months. The math works out to 33,467 fatalities a month x 12 gives us an average of 401,605 COVID deaths per year.

A big number, to be sure. But we’re looking for a per-captia number so we have data we can make use of. Take that number, and compare it with America’s total population (Worldometer uses the figure of 335,602,183) and we have a yearly covid fatality of about one death for every 835 people.

Ok, that’s our baseline. One fatality for every 835 Americans was a serious enough threat for the whole freaking world to shut down so we could ‘flatten the curve’ or ‘slow the spread’ so that you and I wouldn’t have the ignominy of being granny-killers.

Now let’s come back to those crime stats Democrats tell us are ‘overblown’ or ‘no big deal’.

Remember, the Democrats ‘conveniently’ used incomplete data from some cities and states with huge populations and significant crime issues to hide the ball during this election cycle.

Just Facts daily has something to say about the Biden administration being less than forthcoming with their crime data.

But that isn’t the part of their story we are most interested in.

They have broken down the numbers of the crime rate — murder in particular — correcting for factual errors that just ‘happened’ to make the current administration look more competent during the election cycle than they really are.

Based on a misunderstanding of new FBI data, NewsNation is reporting that 14,677 murders occurred in the U.S. during 2021, a supposedly large decline from 2020. In reality, that figure is far from complete, and comprehensive records from death certificates show that about 24,493 people were murdered in 2021. This is about:
–1,000 more murders than in 2020.
–6,000 more murders than in 2019.
–10,000 more murders than NewsNation reported.
Murders have become so common over the past two years that if the murder rate remains at the 2021 level, one out of every 179 people in the U.S. will eventually be murdered. Yet, certain politicians and media outlets are downplaying this bloodshed, while others are blaming it on Covid—a claim at odds with the facts.
— JustFactsDaily

If this plays out, one out of every 179 Americans now living could be murdered in their lifetime.

Read that last line again. Slowly.

If we frame this problem out in the language the left loves to invoke in a crisis, we would add: this crisis will disproportionately affect poor people and minorities. In this particular case, that oft-quoted line has the unusual characteristic of actually being true.

We don’t see any ‘Black Lives Matter’ activists calling for more law enforcement to put an end to this scourge, do we?

We don’t see any Democrats suggesting a crackdown on people actually caught for murder, or to expand homicide detective budgets, do we?

Do we see FBI taking personnel and resources away from the investigation of people having a prayer circle outside of an abortion clinic and redeploying them to catch more serial killers?

Not that we can tell.

Ok, let’s look at one last number: 4.6.

According to this statistic there would be 4.6 times as many murders in America as there were COVID deaths — as measured at the very HEIGHT of the WuFlu pandemic.

Some hardliners are STILL pushing booster shots and masks even now.

How seriously should we take a threat that’s almost five times as lethal?

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