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WATCH: House GOP Announces Probe Into Biden Crime Family Corruption — ‘This Is An Investigation Of Joe Biden’

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Things aren’t looking good for “The Big Guy” — or for the rest of his family, for that matter.

There are endless nonsense investigations into Trump and his family that have all turned to dust while the Bidens, who appear to have committed a variety of crimes from violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) to involvement in human trafficking… and NADA.

Not anymore.

House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Congressman James Comer (R-KY) announced a probe into President Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s questionable financial ties to foreign entities.

While President Biden has long said that he didn’t know about Hunter’s improbable foreign business deals, we know from the content of Hunter’s Laptop From Hell that that is demonstrably not true.

There are numerous communications — emails and text messages — on Hunter’s laptops that show that Joe Biden was well aware of what his son was up to.

Hunter’s business deals involved 50 foreign countries — how could Joe not know that when their finances were co-mingled if not shared?

The question that Americans need to know is this: “Is the President compromised?”

That’s what the new House Oversight Committee led by Republicans is determined to find out.

…Rep. James Comer accused Biden of being ‘chairman of the board’ of his family’s business dealings and even claimed the White House spent more than $250,000 to deflect negative stories about Hunter.
‘This is an investigation of Joe Biden,’ he said. ‘I think we’ve laid out the evidence as to why we feel it’s important, and we’re going to move forward with that.’
He said later, ‘We’re trying to stay focused on – was Joe Biden directly involved with Hunter Biden’s business deals, and is he compromised?’
Comer said he’d even like members of the Biden family to testify before the House when asked, but said the main focus of their probe right now was to access bank records.
Source: Daily Mail

The crimes listed by Rep. Comer that he says that the Republicans have evidence of and were “committed by or to the benefit of the Biden family” are:

  • conspiracy or defrauding the United States
  • wire fraud
  • conspiracy to commit wire fraud
  • violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA)
  • violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • violations of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act
  • tax evasion
  • money laundering
  • conspiracy to commit money laundering

While the Partisan Presstitutes poo-pooed the Hunter Biden laptop and said that it was “mean” to pick on a guy who had struggled with drug addiction — his drug problems can’t be used as a shield from criticism.

“Hunter Biden isn’t this guy who just got a bad rap because he’s got a drug problem,” said Comer.

Frankly, it’s likely that Hunter Biden dropped off those to put them out of the reach of an investigation or subpoena — if they’re no longer in his possession, he can’t hand them over.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) spits absolute FIRE at the Partisan Presstitutes that dismissed the Laptop From Hell story as “Russian Disinformation” and are now shifting the narrative to “Sure, it’s real, but it doesn’t matter.”

The Press sure took great notes when Bill and Hillary were in office, eh? This narrative shift is straight out of their playbook.

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL), who is standing behind Rep. Comer as he made the announcement, had promised that everyone would be investigated:

Here’s why it is desperately needed.

There are questions about how a guy like Hunter Biden could secure such lucrative foreign business deals while he was so often strung out on crack.

Even he admitted that it’s probably because he’s a Biden.

WATCH: Hunter Biden Admits He Got Cushy Jobs BECAUSE He Was The Son Of Joe Biden

The criticism on the left is, “What do Hunter’s business deals have to do with his dad?”


Hunter is the one footing the bills and it certainly looks like he’s making his dough by selling access to his dad. That’s how these deals were secured.

Even the ones with Chinese nationals with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Hunter said that he had represented “the f**king spy chief of China.”

Audio: Hunter’s Representation Of The ‘F**king Spy Chief Of China’ … Is That News?

On the campaign trail in 2020, Joe dismissed the idea that China was a threat.

China is buying farmland near military bases and the Biden admin does nothing.

Biden’s recent face-to-face meeting with Xi Jinping at the G20 looked weak. Biden was holding out his hand as though he was eager to meet with an old friend, then stupidly grinned for the cameras while Xi stood with a stoic expression and waited for him in a power move. When they actually spoke, Biden didn’t even bring up Fetnayl or the origins of COVID to the Chinese leader — it was more about the “climate crisis” that is making China rich.

The Biden administration is selling some of the U.S.’s strategic petroleum reserves to China and allowing the Chinese to buy up natural gas in the United States while Democrats push to “go Green” and buy batteries, windmills, and solar panels all made in China. It really makes you wonder if there was some quid pro quo between the Bidens and China.

And that’s just China. There are 49 other countries that were involved in Hunter’s business deals — we know about Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, and China — where are the others?


No wonder why Joe said that Hunter is the smartest guy he knows.

This scheme nearly worked as the partisan FBI sat on the laptop… but a legally blind computer repair shop owner in Delaware was able to provide the evidence of what we all suspected was happening. Go figure.

With the GOP in control of the House, investigations into the Biden Crime Family will happen.

Now that is an answer to prayer.

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