PELOSI & HOBBS: Two Dem Break-Ins Have ONE Thing In Common The Media Wants To Ignore

Written by Wes Walker on November 3, 2022

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The most insidious media lies aren’t the malevolent twisting of facts. The most insidious media lies are the stories they simply refuse to cover at all.

Polls taken of Democrat voters in battleground states have shown us the 2020 election outcome was changed by stories the media refused to cover. Hunter’s laptop is just one of them. Trump being nominated for Peace prizes because of the Abraham Accords was another.

But there is an ongoing misinformation campaign where legacy media props up Democrat talking points for strictly partisan reasons. Is the economy tanking? No problem, just redefine recession.

Kids in cages was a story during Trump’s presidency, but there IS no crisis at the border under Biden until the moment New York and Martha’s Vineyard become inconvenienced by it. THEN it’s a story they can use to throw the Republicans under the bus.

In the last few days leading up to the Midterms, we saw the left try to leverage two separate incidents as *proof* of Republicans inciting political violence against Democrats.

First, there was the break-in at the Katie Hobbs campaign office. Media flunkies rushed off to Kari Lake with loaded questions about the dangers of Republican rhetoric. Lake was having NONE of it.

More about that story and Lake’s response here: HILARIOUS: Kari Lake Thumps Media With Own Defamatory Storyline

The guy who broke into that campaign office? It’s a stretch to claim he was politically motivated. He had apparently been a serial burglar of commercial buildings, which fits the M.O. of having stolen high-value tech from the campaign office.

Then came the guy who cracked Pelosi in the head with a hammer.

Not only did Democrats rush to blame Republican rhetoric for this attack, Joe Biden then doubled down. He went on national TV to draw a direct connection between hammer-man’s attack on Mr. Pelosi and the events of January 6th — with a heavy helping of outrageous defamatory lies about Trump and ordinary Republicans.

As we quickly learned, Hammer-man wasn’t exactly your standard bow-tie-wearing CPAC Washington insider. He was a drug-addled, homeless, crazy man who had all sorts of wild ideas in his head. He has prior felonies (police won’t say what kind) and people that knew him weren’t exactly reinforcing that MAGA-operative narrative either.

WATCH: Neighbor Of Pelosi’s Attacker DESTROYS Regime Media’s ‘Right-Wing MAGA Extremist’ Narrative

The media is quick to assign blame to Republican rhetoric. Do you know what they are NOT willing to do? Bring up anything about these two stories that would highlight some of the very issues that landed Democrat poll numbers in free fall.

Like their positions on illegal immigration.

Hammer-man was a drug-addled illegal alien with criminal priors … here from *Canada*. He crossed in through Mexico, but he came in legally and overstayed his welcome.

Depape, 42, first entered the U.S. legally through Mexico in 2008. Canadian citizens are permitted to enter the U.S. for pleasure without a visa, but their stays are limited to roughly six months. DePape has remained in the U.S. for roughly 14 years.
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is aware of DePape’s immigration status and has issued a detainer on him. Detainers notify local law enforcement that a particular person in their custody may be subject to deportation.
— FoxNews

We now have more information on the Hobbs burglar, too.

Oh, look. He was here illegally, too!

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement told Phoenix-based 12News that 36-year-old Daniel Mota Dos Reis is a citizen of Portugal who came to the United States as a registered student in 2018 and is now violating “the terms of his admission.”
ICE public affairs officer Yasmeen Pitts O’Keefe said Mota is “currently at-large for administrative immigration violations for failing to maintain his status as a registered student at an academic institution.”
Police arrested Mota last Thursday and charged him in connection to the Hobbs campaign headquarters break-in. He was released on bond before an immigration detainer was issued, ICE told 12News.
— FoxNews

Maybe if Democrats weren’t working so hard to shield illegal aliens from criminal consequences of breaking the law, they wouldn’t have to deal with these serious crimes they keep blaming on Republicans.

On the up-side, we finally know what it takes to motivate Democrats to deport an illegal alien. Once they cause personal harm to a high-ranking Democrat, they’re OUTTA here.

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