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SICK: Fashion Retailer Creates Documentary Glamorizing Assisted Suicide

Who had corporations romanticizing state-sanctioned suicide on their 2022 Bingo Card?

Quebec-based fashion retailer, Simons, has created a documentary called, “All Is Beauty” about the final days of Jennyfer Hatch, a woman from British Columbia who chose medically-assisted suicide.

The 3-minute artsy film was featured on the Simons website in the blog section.

The state-funded news organization reported on the documentary in glowing terms.

The 37-year-old died on Oct. 23 and chose medical assistance in dying (MAID) after dealing with complications and chronic pain associated with her diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos syndrome, a group of inherited disorders that affect the connective tissue supporting many body parts.
In the video, available on Simons’s shopping website, viewers get a glimpse into some moments of Hatch’s last month and hear her share her thoughts on life, death and her quest to fill her final days “with beauty, with nature and with connection.”
Source: CBC Montreal

Let’s be frank — Canada has government-run healthcare and its disturbing Medical Assistance in Death (MAiD) program is government-run. This is the state killing a woman with her consent.

But Simons doesn’t talk about that.

You see, according to Simons, this project was taken on because after the last nearly three years of hell we need something “inspiring.”

No, really. That’s what Peter Simons, the chief merchant for Simons said.

“We really felt — after everything we’ve been through in the last two years and everyone’s been through — maybe it would resonate more to do a project that’s less commercially oriented and more focused on inspiration and values that we hold dear,” said Peter Simons.

“This isn’t about MAID, it’s really a story. It’s a celebration of Jennyfer’s life, and I think she has a lot to teach us,” Simons said.

Oh, so it’s not about glorifying and glamorizing assisted suicide — it’s about providing “inspiration” and the “values that we hold dear.”

Here’s a clip that has gone viral. See if you get the “inspiration” and “celebration of values” that Simon is talking about.

The 30-second clip shared on Twitter has had over 878K views in just over 24 hours.

But that’s just a clip, right? What is the entire video like?

The 3-minute video begins with a small hospital room and Jennyfer’s voice saying that she doesn’t want to die in a room like that. The room then floats away into the ocean while a caption appears that says, “The Most Beautiful Exit.”

It then cuts to scenes from her last month of life at the beach, in the forest, and even getting a tattoo. Jennyfer is surrounded by her family and friends, she has musicians and singers performing a private concert on the beach for her, and beautifully-crafted replicas of a whale and jellyfish lit up from within held up by people dancing around.

The Simons blog post attempts to explain why a fashion brand is posting a documentary about a terminally-ill woman who chose to give the state the authority to end her life.

“When we met, Jennyfer had reached the terminal stage of her illness. In pain but driven by her unwavering courage, she chose to live fully until her very last breath and to see the immense beauty in her final moments,” states the blog entry.

“While Jennyfer’s story is not easy to tell, it is a testament to the exquisiteness and fragility of human life, a celebration of the extraordinary way in which she lived, and a powerful example of how one’s bravery to act and see things differently can drastically change one’s perspective. It poignantly proves that all is beauty,” reads the Simons blog.

Simons created this documentary and brought all of these things together to make Jennyfer’s last moments into something magical and beautiful.

Canada’s MAiD program doesn’t look like that for other people because they don’t have the luxury of a corporate sponsor in their government-provided suicide.

While Jennyfer was terminally ill, MAiD is set to expand in Canada to include the mentally ill and “mature minors” — a term that doesn’t have a clear definition.

But it’s already expanded beyond those with a terminal illness or an imminently “foreseeable death” — the elderly tired of lockdowns, the poor, and the disabled are already being approved for MAiD.

Medically-Assisted Death Has Increased So Much In Canada Even JOURNOS Are Noticing

Just a few years after euthanasia was legalized in Canada, MAiD is already showing up as a significant portion of deaths.

Corporations are now celebrating the culture of death.

Each day, our modern society moves further and further away from God.

It ought not to be so.

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